Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Mind Control technologies are being used against us worldwide. They are integral to the NWO’s trans-humanist and de-population agendas. This online symposium is a great step forward in advancing our understanding of what we are up against.  ~Shep

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Lisa M Harrison: Alternative Media Journalist, Interviewer, and Talk Show Host: The One People’s Roundtable Discussion, and The Collective Imagination.

dani arnold mckenny:  Political Activist, Researcher, Alternative Media Journalist, and Host of Transpicuous News Weekly Reports, and The One People Roundtable Discussions.


Harald Kautz-Vella & Cara St. Louis:  Esoteric Investigators and Researchers, with expertise in geology, physics and the media.
Cara’s website:

Lily Earthling Kolosova:  Internal Researcher into our Organic Earth and Organic Sun, the current Matrix System and the return to the Original Earth Timeline.
Facebook: Lily Earthling Kolosova
Youtube: lvireb

Bradley Loves: Researcher and Alternative Media Journalist, working behind the scenes for 20 years talking to whistle blowers, former CIA agents and CIA assets, and former and active duty military personnel.

Laura Leon – Sovereign Kees:  Quantum facilitator of Healing, Energy reader, Energy worker and Anomalous Psychological Profiler, Holographic Kinetics practioner
Laura Leon web site:

Eve Lorgen: anomalous trauma counselor, author, researcher
Eve Lorgen web site

Christine Anderson:  Researcher, Public Speaker, Intuitive earthempath, Healer/Midwife, Remote Viewer, and empowerment coach.
Claudia A:  Lady in a cloak, long time voyager on the cosmic sea. Co-founder of Earth Empaths. Lover of music of the spheres.