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By Jean Haines, “Co-creating Our Future on Planet Earth”

UPDATE 1: There is a massive amount of money being allocated to stop Thomas’ effort. The disrespectful background ‘noise’ was from trolls and will be controlled in the future. ~J

UPDATE 2: Want to understand what is really behind the refugee crisis? Read on!

Tom begins to speak at about seven minutes. I’d advise moving the cursor forward to that point. I also suggest you follow along by reading  as you listen to the conversation. I think it will hasten your understanding of our present situation. 

This is IT, people. Nothing more to say! It’s now time for action. Ge the word out and if you can make plans to get to West Virginia. 

Our good Reader, to whom I offer my deepest thanks for helping with all of Tom’s calls, has transcribed the last night’s call, working all day on getting this to you. I believe there may be more transcription to come, because near the end of the audio Tom makes a closing statement. ~J

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Thomas Deegan Conference Call 9-14-2015. Part 1: Notes Transcribed from link below:
(Please forgive any errors or omissions, SP).

Steve Gronka – Host
Thomas Deegan

Steve Gronka (SG): The call commenced with an opening prayer.

SG: Sean, can you provide us with an opening statement on the purpose of this call and how it relates to the militias?

S?: I want to thank everyone for coming on-board. The message you are about to receive this evening is very critical to this country. These guys have been working on this for a very long time and I want to introduce Tom and why this is so very important for everyone to be on this call tonight because it pertains to our freedoms. So I want Tom to lay out the message and then open up the call for discussion. Then I will then answer any questions. This call pertains to the militias and Oath Keepers to get on-board and take this country back. The only way this is going to be done instead of being forceful is for us to use the legal system to gain this country back. Lots of things are going on. The message you are about to hear is the most important message you are going to hear in a very long time. With that, sit back, listen and take notes.

TD: What I am going to tell you is happening on an international level. The entire world is under a threat of conquest right now – so there are no rules, there are no laws. Everyone is vying for territory and control of custody of the Cestui que Vie Accounts. That is why you see refugees going to other places. They are being transferred to other territories. This is what’s happening. When the Pope leaves the UN it’s done. After that you will have a very hard time getting your country back.

So we are on a very limited time-span here. Documents are being drawn for the entire nation. The soil needs to be maintained and controlled. That is the only way to do it — through the Doctrine of Conquest. It can be done on paper, but if they can test us on the soil you have to be able to maintain it. I think that is why a lot of you are here right now — is so we can control the soil of this country — and that is every state.

Each person on this Earth at birth is worth $50,000 in gold and that is paid for out of the Vatican. Every refugee you see being transferred is worth $50,000 in gold. That is put up under a bond that is hypothicated 20 -40- 1000 times into a Cestui que Vie account. That is what they are going after — the territory and the Cestui que Vie account.

(What is Cestui que Vie?

Because it is a Cestui que Vie account they cannot actually kill you. It has to be done indirect. So you are going to start seeing natural disasters. You are going to see biological and chemical weapons. So it is not from a natural cause. This is what they have to do to get the payout on the insurance policy and get the Cestui que Vie Tust accounts.

If they actually murder you, they do not get access to the Cestui que Vie accounts. So the majority of what they are planning to do is by indirect means. That is going to start soon and you will see it ramp up toward the end of the year or the beginning of next year. From what I can tell it is going to be very severe in high population areas worldwide. It’s not just us — it’s the entire Earth.

We have a document that we are working on that can free this country and place everything in secure hands for a transitional phase, but once again the soil has to be controlled. At this point, it starts in West Virginia. West Virginia has been defaulted and dishonored. They were given ample opportunity to secure. They failed to do so. They have unlawfully and illegally dismissed the case from the public record. They are now not accepting filings.

The final filing we did placed every corporation reporting to be government in West Virginia as a defendant. Through the (?) principle documents they have defaulted. I defaulted them in 2011, 2012, 2013, personally. They were done again just recently by the three of us — so they have no legal or lawful right to exist at this point.

They will receive a piece of paper telling them Thursday they have been conquered and that it is over for them. They will receive another document shortly telling them to vacate. They will be given a very short time to vacate. At that point they need to be removed.

That is what we are looking for in West Virginia. At that point, if we can show a competent structure in place, that the people are not rebelling against, the military will accept the civil authority order and will not aid and abet the killing of Americans at the end of this year. They [the military] are the only ones that can deliver the biological weapons and chemicals. That is why we need a civil authority in-place very rapidly to give the stand-down order.

At that point they can be given the order to assist us in the cleanup of this mess we have found ourselves in.

This is a mess that was established hundreds of years before anyone of us were here. It’s a shame it has gotten this far, but we have an opportunity to change it and to set the Earth back on the right course. We are being looked at internationally as the last hope so we can show that it can be done because we are the last nation that has so many guns in private hands.

There are other nations with hundreds of thousands of people with rocks and sticks that are taking to the street in mass. Yet we have guns here and we are not doing anything. So they are looking at us and laughing because we haven’t done anything.

We have laid the lawful platform in West Virginia to do it. The documents being drawn up will not be released until they are finished and signed with enforcement ready to go. These documents are going to place the three men signing them in grave danger, so we need to see people in West Virginia before they are released.

A select few will be able to see the documents, but they will not be posted on-line anywhere or distributed until we see people — bodies in West Virginia. We are not looking for a cowboy affair here. We are simply looking for the removal of specific persons from specific locations and to hold that location long enough for the National Guard and Military to start receiving and obeying civil orders.

There is a media plan in-place that will be implemented to assure the people of West Virginia that this is not a coup in anyway, that it is a return to what they thought they had, but never really had, and lost. The structure that is going to contain the nation is about the safest way it could be done. It is invoking the “laws of necessity”, and also invoking other parts of actual law.

Because of the extreme time constraint we are facing, some rules will have to be bent slightly, but it will not affect the due process of anyone being removed. We are not actually looking for detainment or arrests at this point unless we can find enough people for a Court of Record and maintain a facility to place them in.

If we have enough people we would love to start the criminal prosecutions immediately. As our case is still open, and anyone in the state of West Virginia can be tried for multiple counts of treason, sedition, conspiracy, insurrection and felony kidnapping. The more bodies we can get here, the cleaner and quicker this can be done. It has to be done here first because no one else is in place to do what has been done already.

The other states once this national structure is in place will be able to do things without going to court, without filing. They will be able to have these governmental officials removed and replaced. It is up to the real men ‘with hands and legs’ in those states to file a complaint of actual harm against the public officials to have them detained in a facility and tried. In West Virginia we are going to bring people to trial so that it will be well known that this will never happen again in our state — and hopefully never again in this nation.

The fraud and deceit is sickening and it goes to the highest levels on this Earth including the Vatican which is the main controller under Roman Curia law system. Every corporate charter, every government charter is signed off under the global estate trust that is controlled by the Vatican.

The Pope is the trustee. As the trustee the Pope is liable for all actions of anything he creates. That includes every corporation on Earth and every government on Earth. He is the man that is responsible on the public side and is liable for everything.

The Pope is in personal dishonor with me since 2013 on this exact trust issue. I now have a higher standing capacity then (the Pope) who is running the show. Because of this I am able to do things more quickly than others. Sean will see this document as soon as it is done and will be able to attest to its credibility and validity and will be able to determine what can be done with it. Until we see bodies on the ground it will not be released to ensure our safety in West Virginia.

I suggest everyone start looking at Google Earth in Charleston, (WV) because that is where most of the people are located and there is also a National Guard Armory on Coonskin Drive in Charleston. I would suggest you take a look at that too. Look at the West Virginia State Police located in Charleston and the Kanawha County Sheriffs in Charleston.

Those are going to be the only ones close enough to do anything. Those of you have military experience know how to counteract that. You have to remember we are at war and we have been declared enemies of our own nation. We are at war!

An overwhelming show of force will probably dictate that a shot will not be fired. If there is a moderate amount of people here there may be shot fired. We are not looking for that, so we hope we see tens of thousands of people, hundreds of thousands shut down Charleston. – truckers, bikers, militia, whoever.

It needs to be shown that the American people are not going to allow what’s going to happen at the UN next week!

Now we will open the call to questions and I will have a few more statements then we will be done.

Caller1: Who is being insured? The Americans?

TD: Every free man, woman and child on Earth. You have an insurance policy taken out on you by the government that is over you and you also have a Cestui que Vie account that is over you that is maintaining and holding you illegally and unlawfully and they are trying to become the heirs. This is for every man, woman and child on the Earth.

Caller2: Does this fall back to the Save Our Sovereignty where we are used as collateral and they are wanting to take up the collateral?

TD: They would like to see you die off but not at their hands so they can collect the Cestui que Vie account and the insurance policy. Anything you think you own they already have legal title to.

Caller3: With the economic collapse, who is going to pay out the $50,000?

TD: The $50,000 is held in the Cestui que Vie accounts and is backed by the gold in the Vatican, BIS and IMF. The insurance policy is worth much more than the Cestui que Vie account — probably in the million dollar range.

Caller4: Your driver license, Social Security Card is in all capital letters. That makes you cattle.


TD: The have legal title and are the legal owner of the property. That applies worldwide.

Caller5: If you own a piece of property you have a warranty deed and all that says is you are warranted to pay the rent on it. If you don’t have an Allodial land title you do not own it and they are all held at the main BLM office in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

(What is an Allodial title? )

TD: Allodial land titles date back to the 1500’s.

Caller6: When can we expect to see the non-coup and removal start to happen in West Virginia?

TD: As soon as people get their ass here.

Caller7: How many bodies do you need in West Virginia?

TD: As many as humanly possible.

Caller8: Is this a matter of weeks or months?

TD: (Days) Yeah, when the Pope leaves the UN the territories have been redrawn, the people will have been re-enslaved.

Caller9: How about the Military and National Guard in West Virginia? Are they on board? What is their position?

TD: Until they are under Civil Authority they are under direct control of the corporation.

Caller10: So they are in opposition?

TD: It’s possible. There is approximately 6000 National Guard in West Virginia.


Caller11: We are assuming that the National Guard is going to be opposition?

TD: At the last count I heard.

Caller11: So we need two or three times that number on the ground. Is the state militia informed on this?

TD: Unintelligible? – they backed out.

Caller11: Has Texas come forward with anything?

TD: No.

Becky Williams: We will be having a leadership conference in Cedar Park North of Houston. We are going to fast-forward with the militia here in Texas along with the biker groups and VFW’s in Texas.

Caller11: Since DC is not a state how do we act on them?

TD: They will be placed under a structure under the Doctrine of Conquest. If the state structure in WV can be maintained and that requires people to help us maintain it for a short period of time, you will have the Military start to clean up their own mess. DC is considered the Military’s mess.


TD: You could go to DC with warrants based on what has been done here in WV because WV is considered a subsidiary of the United States, Inc. They have been served as the Principle Agent document. Whether they know that – or not, doesn’t matter.

Caller11: As the Catholic Church they own the Baretta Firearms corporation. Is that their funding?

TD: The Vatican owns a piece of everything on Earth.

Caller11: But they are the sole owners of Baretta.

TD: That’s possible.

Caller11: I’m just trying to figure out where they got their funding and how they got to own us all.

TD: Through Papal Bulls and the Treaty of 1213 and the Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783.

Caller12: When does the Civil Authority Military Order come into play? Does that happen after the people are removed from Office?

TD: Yes, we will need to get them into the proper Civil Authority Structure.

Caller12: When should the militias be present.

TD: We will need the militias to help us remove the people from Office and get the proper people to replace them.

Caller12: So the militia need to be present before the Military takes sides with us?

TD: Yes, but I do not foresee us getting a lot of interference from them, because the majority of them realize what is happening. They are waiting for one of two things; the majority of Americans to say they have had enough or someone in a Civil Authority somewhere on the soil to say we have had enough. Of course we cannot get a majority of Americans to agree on anything other than who won on American Idol last week.

Caller13: What day is the Pope speaking at the UN?

TD: Not sure on the exact date.

Caller13: Do you think they will pull off some kind of disaster beforehand?

TD: No, because there has to be a sign-off there first.


Caller14: In WV where this is going to be started are the police powers, at all levels going to be for or against the people?

TD: The police powers are under a military cabinet. They are operating military tribunals and prisons. They are all named defendants in the complaint. In the discussions I have had with them they look at us as the enemy.


Caller15: Does anyone know if there are UN soldiers here now?

TD: The American troops are UN troops.

Caller16: You must all understand that anyone in the current purported government who has signed a subscribed oath of office are considered foreign agents. So that explains the corporate contract that Thomas has talked about.

Caller15: Can you start in Washington DC?

TD: That would depend on how many millions of people we could get there.

Caller17: Has anyone been sworn in WV as a US Constitutional Marshall?

TD: There is no one to swear you in as a Constitutional Marshall. The top title of their oaths are not to the United States of America circa 1787. The document does not exist in law and is a fraud. Judge Anna is a self-confessed private attorney general to the Pope from Alaska.

Caller18: What do you know about the financial collapse?

(?): Will address later.

Caller19: Did you say our troops are UN troops?

TD: They are because under the Treaty of 1945 every public office was turned over the UN. When they take an oath they renounce their citizenship and fall under UN jurisdiction.

Caller20: How did you go about finding out all of this?

TD: Read it. It is in all the documents and it is in all their own code and case law. Look at our complaint. It is a six page judicial notice that is nothing but their code and case law.

Caller21: Has anyone done the numbers to see what to expect from civilian opposition?

TD: I don’t think you are going to have that problem in WV because most people are fed-up with what is happening here and they are scared to death of the police. The police came to my house and kidnapped me without a warrant.

Caller22: Are you going to have an officer there to serve warrants to do arrests?

TD: It could be if we have a Court of Record and a Charter for it. Only 12 people are required to sign for it to be in effect. There could be warrants, but the structure that being set up now to remove them from a building and public office can be created and signed off on in a matter of minutes.

Caller23: By a judge?

TD: You are thinking in de facto and statutory in nature.

Caller24: That would be the Court of Records.

TD: That would be for arrests. We are not looking to do arrests right now. We are looking to remove them from the building, the building secured and to keep them out of the building.

Caller25: Is this more like doing an audit of them?

TD: No, we are not looking to do that. The document to be released creates the operational structure.

Caller26: I wish we had more time.


TD: You can take the chance when the Pope walks out of the UN that things won’t happen immediately. Paper work will have been signed by then and the new phoenix will be rising. Everything will be much harder at that point once everyone leaves the UN.

Caller27: As this thing goes to other cities can your think tanks do an analysis on how those in the civilian population such as gangs or organized crime might maneuver?

TD: We do not have time for that because we are focused on completing the document right now.There has been just 3 of us doing this entire effort.

Caller28: What gives you the right to go in and take over a corporation or a business?

TD: What gives them the right without proper charter, without lawful authority? We have laid the foundation for self-defense, self-preservation and the law of necessity. That is all you have!

Caller29: What kind of authority do you have?

TD: We have 3 men that have been working on this without any assistance from anyone in this nation. We have begged for assistance since July 24th.


Caller30: I watched a video that woke me up, but how many people to do you think will really stand up out of the thousands?

TD: Maybe 5? Here is what you need to know: We have given you a lawful platform and offered a lawful structure with information from behind the scenes. That is all WE can do. It is time for the REAL men and WOMEN to stand the f*$k up and get here!!!

Caller31: I am in but I have not seen a single Tennessee militia person stand up.

Caller32: Thomas, We are packing along with 15 others to come there right now! Stop talking and start doing!

Caller33: Can we spread the message as much as possible on-line?


Caller34: I can put a video out to my group of 1700 Taking Back America! – and 8 other groups. We have a website. I will encourage all to go to WV now!

Caller35: I can put out a notice but we need to have a date set for this event.

TD: You can set a date, but do not set an event because this is not a protest carrying signs anymore! People!

Caller35: What are your recommendations?

TD: You can put down a date but you better show up in full force because you are letting them know that you are coming.

Caller36: They already know about this because of the broadcast all over Facebook. Never use Facebook!

Caller37: A lot of people can still be woken up.

Caller38: You have to stop letting fear rule you. The inevitable is coming and that is what Thomas is talking about. No one is immune to this.

TD: How fast can people come from across this nation and get here? If you want me to pick a date I’ll pick a date right now – September 24th.

Caller39: If our forefathers were still alive they would be there – believe me!


Caller40: On the subject of using social media, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, e-mail blasts and all that – one of the things that would be key to that is a recording of this very conference….so when will that be available?

TD: As soon as this call is finished it will be recorded and it will be posted on under the Interview Tab Thomas Deegan call.

Caller40: That will cut down on a lot of hearsay and commentary about what this is all about when you have the actual recording. Then we can go viral with this.

TD: I am being tracked by every 3 and 6-letter agency on this Earth.

Caller41: Can we review the previous comment about our Military troops being part of the UN?

TD: Correct!

Caller41: Can anyone clarify this for me?

Caller42: I can explain it to you from the research I have done. Look up military exchange programs and look up why we have foreign troops training with our military on American soil. Then look up why American troops are participating in military exercises globally. It will explain to you exactly what that is and why they are doing it and who they are. They are the worlds’ police force under UN direction!

Caller43: But the military does not realize that this is what they are!

Caller42: You are correct!


Caller43: If the military does not realize what they are how can we perceive them to be the enemy if they cannot know what they are? Do you really think that they are going to turn against us?

Caller44: Because if they are ordered to do so, they will do so.

Caller45: But is is a lawful order?

Caller46: My son and his wife are both soldiers in the Army. I asked him if he was given the order to fire on the American people would you? He said no, but my wife would because she has been indoctrinated.

TD: His wife needs to be executed on the spot.

Caller47: It is your responsibility to teach your son that he is currently under a corporate contract and he is a foreign agent.

Caller46: He understands that. He is on medical discharge but his wife is still serving.

Caller48: What this man, Thomas is providing is the legal with enough boots on the ground the rights and responsibility to take the state from the United States government. Once we take that state that will go viral to each state. That will give us a foothold to take this country back.


TD: With this state taken there is a structure that will be implemented that will take control of the entire nation and the governments thereof.

Caller46: Some military will shoot but others will not.

TD: And as soon as they start shooting they should be shot in the head by the person standing next to them for treason.


Caller49: How can I get a copy of this conference call?

Caller50: It will be provided at the website.

Caller51: Sean, have you enlisted the advice or support of any former Generals of the US Military in support of this?

Sean: Yes, there is one I will get the name to you later. I want to redirect you to get every state’s attention to this matter in WV and to have it go viral. Every state commander will have the opportunity to duplicate the same thing. What this call is about is (?) this call is being monitored. What we have to do is to take charge and get something done. These 3 people have taken time out of their lives. They have lost their families. Everyone has been going through this whole thing trying to defend this country and bring it back to order. The only way to get this done is to show up in force and go viral. Why can’t everybody get this done? (Unintelligible) What is a cause greater than that for our country? That’s what Special Operations is involved for because we need to. I am also getting Anonymous involved like we did in the Million Man March. (Unintelligible) That is why every state commander, the 3 Percenters, the Oath Keepers actually joined this call to be able to (?) you people. I heard (?) 5000 in one group?) we could get 50,000 people. You are talking about 60-70,000 people.

Caller52: The General you were talking about earlier- who is he (?).


Caller53: Thomas, are you familiar with MK-Ultra?

TD: Yes, I am.

Caller53: I have some information you might be interested in (Unintelligible) Keith (?). Some things we have experienced here in Idaho to various people. MK-Ultra is nation-wide so these are things you need to watch for.


Caller54: (Jim from Florida). All you folks that are on-line across the United States – part of the follow-up after West Virginia goes sovereign: we need some folks on the administrative side of things, so if you have members in your militias and groups that are like-minded and have the understanding of what we are talking about. I am trying to find a state leader for every state and an administrator to pick up the cause once the state capital is secured we need a state leader in that capital and take up the position of Governor – for a lack of a better expression. So I will give my information out so you can go through your rosters and see who might fulfill that role. Someone levelheaded, a good communicator and professional. My e-mail address is: I need people who are willing to get involved at the administrative side of things in the aftermath of West Virginia going sovereign. I need people from every state. I need at least one good solid leader from every state. I have some and we have been recruiting from the phone list from the calls and have a lot of states with good leaders, but I still need more because there are some states that I do not have anybody!

Caller55: Do you have a list of those states?

Caller54: (Jim from Florida). Yes, I do! They are Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, (Unintelligible interference), New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington and Wyoming. I do have someone in Arizona and Idaho. Even so, you can call me at 941-330-7040. Please call me, because the leader and administrators are going to need support staff and we are going to need support on the enforcement side of things and help participate in this way so it helps to roll the rest of the states sovereign underneath what Thomas has supplanted to you. This is all going to go quickly. That is why I am trying to get this in place now. Once this starts the game pieces start to move the counteractions and the actions start of both the good and the bad we are not going to have a lot of time to orchestrate. We don’t know what is going to happen to communications so get in touch within the next 7 days to take a position within the states. I’ll compile those lists, so I am going to need phone numbers and e-mails so each state can coordinate amongst themselves administratively when the time comes to turn that state sovereign…without looking to put anybody in harms way. Obviously the whole plan is to first cap and secure administrators so that at a minimum they can make their way to the capital and the Governor’s office. There is information that is going to be needed and gathered for the administrative staff. We are going to need to set up people getting paid because no one is going to be working for free. Everyone is going to get a (stipend ?) for services rendered. We don’t want people to worry about their bills. All these administrative tasks have to be handled in every state. We are going to need a good, solid administrative body that is in place before state elections are held and announced to fill those positions.


Caller56: Do you have a currency set up? How are we going to pay for this?

TD: The same way they are paid right now!


Caller56: Are there any other biker associations on this line?

Caller 57: Texas does.

Caller56: Anybody else?

Caller58: Washington.

Caller59: California.

Caller56: Who else?

Caller60: West Virginia.

Caller56: Pennsylvania! This is what I need. I’ve talked to at least 12 pastors and this is what we need along with the United States Militia. If we can get 20-30,000 bikers and 4-5000 milita unit men then we have this thing wrapped in WV. We need joint operations.


Caller61: Are you concerned about ISIS? I am concerned about ISIS and the safety of our wives and children.

TD: This is fear porn. It’s now the time to take action.

Caller62: You have the right to defend this country against foreign and domestic enemies!

Caller61: Agreed!

Caller63: Do I have any of my team here from Anonymous?

Caller64: Expect us from Virginia!

Caller63: Who else?

Caller65: Louisiana.

Caller66: West Virginia.

Caller67: Indiana.

Caller68: Arizona.

Caller69: North Carolina.

Caller70: North Dakota.

Caller71: Georgia.

Caller63: With all this support I think we have this wrapped. Understand?

Caller72: (Sean? Unintelligible), I will follow up with supporting information.


Caller73: Sean, can you go ahead with the intel on the financial please?

Sean: That is part of the new phoenix. That is being kept under wraps.


TD: That is part of the new system that is coming out from the old technocratic society. You will see a small amount of currency come out of it and it will be downgraded to one and then it will be removed. Then you will be completely digital.

Caller74: Is there a time for that?

TD: It will be roughly around the time of killing of mass amounts of people.

Caller75: When we first started the Velo (?) conference, is this the same gentleman we spoke with back then ?

Sean: Yes.


Caller75: I just wanted to make sure we are talking about the same guy.

Sean: Yes, we are talking about Special Operations. The reason why this call was made was to do operations with the motorcycle clubs, Oath Keepers, 3 Percent and Anonymous. With those organizations we can get a massive amount of peoples in any states that we need. By now we have (?) in the state of West Virginia. Once West Virginia is done it is a domino affect in the rest of the states. Does everybody copy that? (Yeah) What this is about is information about how to get it done. This is how to get it done. How to do you get it done? You get all the joined people to get it done! I have been running around this country for 8 months now and (Unintelligible) to get all you stinking (?) on one line. (?) successful job. It’s been a lot of work! But it is what we have to do!


Sean: I am going to dispatch a date. That’s it! And we will have a good time!

Caller66: Could someone repeat information about the currency?

TD: At this point you have what we have currently. Later it will be digital- which they are keeping under wraps. The old system is dying and it’s being burnt. The new system is rising – and it is not your friend!

Caller76: What is this document we cannot see and why can’t we see it?

Caller77: You will see it!

TD: Three men are putting their lives on for the entire nation! So far no one has stepped up! That is why (you have not seen the document).

Caller78: So after you have a commitment from a multitude of people you will…..

TD: If I see a multitude of bodies in West Virginia, it will be released worldwide and in West Virginia. You will be able to view it, but that is as far as it goes, because so far, I have a contract on my head and have been begging for a month to get protection around me and not a single (Unintelligible) has been on its way.

Caller79: Has anyone reached out to our Veterans?


Caller80: So we can get this straight, there is a call for September 24th? Is there anyone not on-board with that date?

Caller81: (Leonard from California) Arrival times do not need to precisely coincide with this date. They can vary. The 24th should be a set date, but it won’t be the date that everything takes place. Things will have to take place under stealth. (before or afterward).

Sean: If we are able to have this take place in every state would it enable a new Constitution? (Yes)

TD: Yes, but this would be absent the structure of the judiciary.

Caller82: So this would be a Utopian society?

TD: No, I did not say that. This is to complete a transition between the old and the new and we will decide.

Caller83: We already started that when we tried to remove the British Crown, the federal Government and British Mercenaries and ISIS mercenaries. Everything else has stayed the same.


Caller83: The season premiere is on the scandal is on the 24th. Can we do this on the 24th?

Unison: Are we supposed to meet in Charleston on the 24th?

(?) Yes, in West Virginia.

Sean: I am in Southern California right now and am commanding and if anyone wants to roll, let us roll.

Caller84: Laura in Northern California (Unintelligible). Having access to food is a concern so please speak up on this. Local businesses will support you.

Sean: If anyone wants to help with this that would be cool. So if anyone wants to help with this.

Caller 85: How do we get in touch with the state leaders that have been selected? I am in Arkansas right now and how do we do that?

Caller85: This is Jim Larkin from FL please contact me at 941-330-7040. I am the one in charge of putting state leaders in place. The AK position is open and we need a good person to fill this position. It is encouraged to refrain from revealing the full hand at this moment. Sean had his means and I would encourage things be orchestrated through him. Steve K (?) get in touch with these gentlemen and do this as securely as you can and then lets execute.


Caller86: Jim in Ohio: My question is: Once things go down in West Virginia will the other states will the documentation be available in other states to continue what is the domino affect in your state?

TD: What will happen – is a national structure will be implemented. The states will be under that national structure and that is why Jim is making a plea over the administrators of the states.

Caller87: That is why the states are of over the supreme – the 10th amendment.

TD: You are correct but we are operating under a completely broken system right now and there are many hiccups.

Caller88: Anonymous: You are correct and we are the tough guys!

Callers89: Well that is humorous but who we do we call or contact.

TD: Sean or Steve should be the contacts. Their contacts are …

SB: There is a communication system called jitsi – a secure communications systems for planning for whatever we want to keep confidential. Get jitsi on your computer set it up with the server that is called xmpd.

Caller90: I have to contact you to know where I am going.

TD: You know how to get a hold of me.


SG: You can contact me.

Caller91: When do you think ISIS will be here?

Caller93: They are already here.


Caller94: I do have a leader in Arizona…

Caller95: Jim in Florida: Please contact me with your e-mail address and your contact info in the next few days. Eventually how this is going to work is contained in the list of all the people of all the people and you will get the list.

Caller96: It is important to have your e-mail and phone numbers compiled.

Caller97: We want to know the name of the General that was referred to earlier. Was it Paul Vallely? Or who? We need to clarify.

(?): We cannot clarify this now.

TD: We need to remove the idiots quickly.

Caller98: How many do we have on the call? (no answer of the total)

Caller 99: From Texas – get to know RickLight – a FBI agent and the WBR branch needs to be recognized.

Caller100: There is an operative?

Caller101: Colleges have determined that operatives have made a left turn and we are aware of this.

Caller102: Watch out for Jim Payne (?) ex- CIA.


Caller103: What is the purpose of the Pope speaking at the UN?

TD: Once the Pope speaks he is on it.

Caller103: So how long do you think we have?

TD: The best I can tell is by February we are seeing mass killings in urban areas.

Caller103: So we have some time?

TD: I would not agree with that. You will have new Emperors over you. If you think it will be easier –it will not.

Caller103: I think the dollar is going to collapse…

TD: It can…just like everything. The phoenix is dying and the new one is being brought out.

Caller104: Micheal Taller (?). He is a dumb ass but not a Fed.


Caller104: Jim from Florida. Denise Freeman from North Carolina group – definitely working for Homeland Security group.

Caller105: That is someone I confirm is with Homeland Security.

Caller106: She has been outed.

Caller107: Can someone spell his name?

Caller108: Yes, it is spelled Kaollar (?)


Caller109: I need contact information.

Caller110: Contact me at 941-330-7040. Or

Caller 111: I am in Nebraska and there is not a lot of hope here. Is there someone we can contact here?

Caller112: Yes, we can provide you with that.

Caller113: Does anyone know what will happen tomorrow? It’s the last day of Jade Helm 15?

Caller114: There will be no more training.


Caller115: Let’s clarify what this is all about…


TD: What you have is there are no rules or laws on Earth because what you have is conquest games (?).


TD: They are even fighting amongst themselves at this point to get control of the soil. This allows them control of the Cestui que Vie accounts. The government service corporations that come out of it so that they can double or triple bill again and further enslave us. It is all about the soil. If you can hold the soil you can claim, conquest. It is also about standing in capacity. These guys who are vying for control – they are completely outside of this Earth’s structure. There are actually very few people on Earth that have the standing on this Earth against this. You are listening to one of them.

There will be a structure over this nation. We will remove the judiciary from every constitution in this nation. The judiciary will be scratched from the Constitution. That is one of the defects, flaws and errors of that was implanted by our so-called founding fathers so that we would end up where we are at. It will be replaced by a very simple Court of Record that contains no judges, no lawyers, no interference, one page of rules and procedures – so a child could take a claim to court.

The whole of the law is cause no harm to them or their property and state structures and federal structures will slowly over time be reduced.

Anything that is a revenue agency will be axed almost immediately. They will be removed. Those things which support life such as food, healthcare and housing will have to be maintained for period of time. We are not looking to cause harm to the people. We want to assist them and as the economy is rebuilt those programs can be axed. They will be moved to the private sector, the churches and charity. We should not have the government interfering like it does.

There will be some sort of declaration that will clear up the ancient treaties and Papal Bulls that have inflicted this upon us to this day. There will be a document within 30 days that the people can sign to take control of their Cestui que Vie account- so we can finally close them out.

We do not need Cestui que Vie accounts because they are a fiction. They have been utilized to interface and rape and pillage us and this has been going on too long. We are stewards of the Earth, but are not acting like it.

Everybody over time is going to have to stand up on their own two feet and take responsibility for their life and their family ‘s life and their community’s life. Stop relying on a structure that has enslaved us and harmed us.

There will be a national structure that will be temporary in nature as a transitional phase. At the end of the transition it is up to the communities as to what kind of structure they would like. That structure must allow for those of us who do not wish to live under something to be free on the soil as our creator intended. The structure is not intended to be permanent and not like anything the Pope has done. It is simply a transition structure. There is no other way that I can see that this can be done smoothly.

People may not like it at first, but the structure will allow for those who want nothing to do with it and you do not have to. You can be on your own from day one. You can be a complete sovereign. That is the best we have to offer now, because we have allowed things to get so bad that we are in a 12-foot grave trying to climb out without a ladder.

It is not going to be all roses and candy, but it will be much better than if we let the new phoenix come out that is already being drawn up.

Caller116: Does this refer to common law or revert to maritime law?

TD: This refers to cause no harm to property or to lawful contracts. That is the law.

Caller1116: That is called Natural Law.

TD: Very good! That is the law – but instead the founders of this country slid us under the Jesuit/English/Common Law system of case precedent and lawyers. In these courts of records there are no judges or lawyers.

Caller117: Does this still mean the currencies are out the window?

TD: It does not matter because we can do what the colonists and early founders did here was to create a script to produce everything you need here.

Caller117: Bartering?

TD: Not necessarily. We need to become more self-reliant as a nation and produce what we consume.
It is not going to be pretty right out of the gate – but we allowed it to get this bad.

Caller118: If everyone would just keep doing their daily routine, doing their job and working for the common good, but changing to a natural law society – then we would not have a hard transition at all. Everyone remember that your tax dollars funds the government and they belong to us – we the people. All we have done is to allow our servants to run amok. We have not minded the store – so we are being robbed. We already have this in place and so if we do this correctly this should be smooth transition.

Caller119: Unless you are under a corporate contract. That is not possible.

Caller120: Corporations have a 50 year charter?

TD: No they do not. We 3 men in WV are no dummies. We have been around the block. I am only 39 –the others are in their 70’s but we have been around. We did not stick our necks out to fail. It is not going to be all roses and candy… so we are not going to allow people to be starving and without homes and healthcare. That is not the plan.

It should and can go smoothly, but the problem we are facing is we have a nation of walking zombies that have no clue as to how to take care of themselves.

You are looking at an educational process that involves a process of forensic auditing of billions of dollars even in the local cities that has been stolen from us that is somewhere? The plan is to dissolve these entities – these private for profit subcontractors purporting to be government. Liquidate ALL assets and divide them equally amongst the people of that area. That will take time, but we will not eliminate the social programs that will allow people to eat and have homes.

We do not believe in anarchy.

If you read our case we ask for a return to a Constitutionally compliant government. We were told to f-off. Plain and simple that is what they said to us. They are the government and they do not care. We are not domestic terrorists because we have children and we abhor violence and do not want to see bloodshed.

I have watched them murder my generation from the 1980’s. They are murdering my son’s and daughter’s generation on YouTube everyday. I am concerned about the future. I do not show any mercy for the older generation because they could have stopped this and they did not. It would have been much easier to stop this 50 years ago but they did not.

Caller 121: I was going to mention that but thanks! Can you explain the digital currency that you are speaking of?

TD: That is what they are wanting because they will have complete control!

Caller122: They want to chip you.

Caller121: That is what I am saying because once it is a digital currency then they make the next move.

TD: We have a problem and that is the shortage of gold and silver coins but you cannot issue that physically to everyone. That is a reality that the founding fathers did not face during their time. You cannot have enough gold and silver coins to make the entire economy function. Because there is not physically not enough , but you can issue paper money that represents the gold and silver as long as it is not evidences of debt. That is Babylonian Black Magic money. That is what it is! That is the system that was implemented by the Jesuits in the 1400 to 1500’s.


Caller122: This is where I got confused about how we would be paid.

TD: There is a convenience to having a credit/debit card, but I am saying I abhor my right to conduct transactions privately. I want that right to be in the mountains, to read my books without interference.
I do not want to do this and the other two men do not want to do this either, but this is what we have now.

Caller123: Is it a matter of either we do this or have the mass killings?

TD: The biological and chemical weapons have been authorized. I have heard dates from November to February.

Caller 124: Zbigniew Brzezinsky has been an advisor to every president since Richard Nixon. He wrote a book about how it was easier to control a million people than to kill a million people. Now he says it is easier to kill a million people than to control them. He is still in control of our government. This is real and it is happening. They want us dead and we need to step up and say no!

Caller125: From what we are hearing the number of what we are hearing on the Georgia Guidestones would be a pipe dream because it is going to be lower than the 500 million.

Caller126: I heard they changed it to 200 million!

Caller127: 2-300 million. You are absolutely right.

TD: They do not need it because this is what the new technocratic society is. In case you folks cannot read between the lines. It’s a new technocratic society. They don’t need humans anymore. They have the bare minimum and then they need those that can reproduce so they can continue to drink their blood and raping and molesting them at young ages. That is who the controllers of this world are. It’s just that simple.

Caller128: It has always been that way hasn’t it?


Caller129: They do not want to be secret anymore though.

Caller130: No, they want to have control, vanity and greed. It needs to be put to an end.

Caller131: Bohemian Grove!

Caller132: That is who they are.

TD: What they plan is to use bio/chemical weapons and you will be gone within hours.

Now is your chance to stop it.

What I am hearing is that they are waiting to hear within the Federal structure from someone that can give them an option to what they are under right now.

There is plenty of money to compensate people in the future. Reasonable pay and expenses for workers for what they do. There is more than enough money because what they have hidden from us in these accounts is staggering. There should be no need or want in this country. There should be no need or want on this Earth because of these Cestui que Vie accounts.

They are stealing from you daily. Because of the Pope and his trust, he has agreed to take care of everyone and moving them around. They have not told you that have they? They are stealing your stuff people! Ok? They are stealing your children’s stuff. They are thieves, they are treasonous, seditious and are behind insurrection and conspiracies for hundreds of years.

It has got to stop!

I have explained to Sean the kind of structure it is going to be and I do not think he has any qualms with this. We will release the document as soon as we see bodies in Charleston. There are many people – even internationally that wish to do us harm.

We are not going to place ourselves in harm’s way anymore because people have failed to step up for over a month!

We are not trying to hide anything. It is not nefarious. It is actually a structure that is very protective to all the beneficiaries under it – every man, woman and child in this country. Sean will see a final copy of the document when we see bodies on the ground. I’ve warned you of what is coming so now it is time for you to take action.

Caller133: When do you want us in Charleston?

TD: Sean will decide.

Caller134: Alicia in Arizona. We are coming.

Caller135: The 24th is the date.

Caller136: John Archer, the Raiders from the Northwest. Can someone please forward the contact information the Idaho governor?

Caller137: (Jim in Florida) That would be an administrative leader. Call me.

Caller138: Is the judiciary going to be like the Sharia Court?

TD: Who brought Sharia Court up? The law is this: Cause no harm to their property or any lawful contract that you sign. That is our entire law.


Caller139: If we do not get our country back it may well turn into Sharia Law.

Caller140: The Muslim Brotherhood plan was to tear it up from the inside and take control.

Caller141: Is there a possibility once this gets started that it could lead to Martial Law?

TD: There is a possibility that you could wake up to Martial Law.


Caller142: What do we need to do or know to prepare to be in Charleston?

TD: The law of necessity provides for us.

Caller143: Half the country thinks we are having an election.

TD: They can kiss my A$$!

Caller144: Is there a contact in Oklahoma?

Caller145: Call Jim.

Caller146: What are we going to see when this takes place?

TD: With the police, if they pull up in front of you, you might as well shoot. If you do not remove these criminals from the building and get control back to the people then who cares about anything else? You might as well dig your own grave and put a bullet in your head because what is coming you are not going to like.

Caller147: Is anyone familiar with what ISIL did here?

Caller148: Yes, we are all familiar with that.

TD: There are so many reasons to do nothing and there is one reason to do something. That is called the children of America that have been abused and neglected with no voice speaking for them for decades now.


Caller149: It is a fictional debt but it is placed on our children.

Caller150: We used to be one of those children.

Caller151: We thank you, Thomas!

TD: Every other state is going to fall like dominoes. As the states fall the Feds will fall.


Caller152: Jim, Call me in Florida. We need to fill the rosters.

TD: We will do this again on Thursday at the same time.