By Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News

The day the Short family was found murdered in their home I saw the story on the news. I didn’t feel like going down another rabbit hole so I didn’t even do a search on what Mr. Short did for a living. After a half dozen followers have now sent me the articles I could not help but look. Then today I found out he was the owner of a very large well known health/social media site for nurses.

My heart goes out to all friends and family, and I sat here all evening deciding whether to do a story on this, but the very first time I saw the CNN video (see youtube video above) as to what allegedly happened – I felt something off with the story.  Apparently my readers and followers of the website agreed. We’ll just stick with the facts (like usual) like I have with the holistic doctors stories I broke along with the 29  poisoned holistic doctors who survived (yes, German news confirmed some were doct0rs) and naturopaths  at a holistic health conference.

Brian Short was the founder of a very high traffic website called with millions of unique visitors a month. You can look at the video on the site to see how it linked other nurses together so that they could network and share information.  By the way, If anyone has other information on this please contact me – the easiest way is to send me a message to my Facebook page . You can send me tips there as well on any stories, as that’s how I end up with much of my work that I end up publishing.

Below is a Yahoo quote, but first a quote from the popular site

Nothing in Brian Short’s Facebook page hinted that there were any problems. In fact, friends, neighbors, and family members thought the family was happy. Brian and Karen seemed like a happy couple who were always together, People Magazine reported.  They hosted parties at their home, but seemed unpretentious, according to friends. Brian seemed to be happy and smiling all the time. Some people question the entire murder-suicide story and wonder if there’s more to the case than the police have stated.

From the Yahoo article about the Short family:

The founder of a social networking service for nurses used a shotgun to kill his wife and three children before turning the gun on himself, police said Saturday after the release of autopsy reports.

Investigators believe Brian Short killed his wife, Karen, and their three teenage children in their Greenwood home late Monday or early Tuesday, Mike Siitari, the interim chief of the South Lake Minnetonka’s police department, told The Associated Press.

“All evidence indicates Brian Short killed his family members in their bedrooms before turning the gun on himself,” the department said in a news release.

Officers found the dead family members Thursday during a welfare check at their home. A co-worker of Brian Short told police they hadn’t been heard from in days. The children hadn’t reported to school since it resumed on Tuesday.

Police found Karen Short, 48, and the three children — Cole, 17, Madison, 15, and Brooklyn, 14 — dead in their bedrooms. Brian Short, 45, was found dead in the home’s eight-car garage.

The Hennepin County medical examiner ruled Saturday that all five died from shotgun wounds to the head and that only Brian Short’s wound was self-inflicted.

No motive has been discovered and no further information will be released this weekend, the police department statement said.

So there is no motive, the article says that they purchased the 2 million dollar home back in 2011 and no mention of any bankruptcies, though he did have one lawsuit (which can be common with big health website). If this was enough for him to kill himself and his family we will have to wait and see. We’ll wait until the investigation is complete to comment further, but just bringing you the facts for now.

Again, heart goes out to family and loved ones of the family of this brutal crime.