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Anthony Patch Break His Silence on CERN & Quantum Computing After MIB (Men in Black) Visit

Everything They Dont Want You To Know About CERN, Strangelets, interdimensional portals, The Quantum Computer, 3rd Strand DNA & how it all connects.

We welcome back past guest and good friend of the host, Mr Anthony Patch, to the broadcast. We were first introduced to Tony and his wisdom on CERN & physics in general back in April after I had heard him covering CERN with Clyde Lewis on his Ground Zero Show.

We had several shows along with Tony before he made the snap decision to withdraw from public speaking. What prompted this is the stuff of X-files and conspiracy woo – a chat with two Men In Black! We ask Tony just what happened and just what it was that made them approach him in the first place.

There is so much hype, fear, misinfo and disinfo out there that it is imperitive that we dispell that at this time and clarify exactly what is going on.

One thing we keep seeing is a lot of information being put out there that isnt factually correct, and some of which is just plain hype and fear when its easy for us to check for ourselves if there is anything unplanned going down. At the bottom of the page i will include links to relevant data such as the schedule for event published by CERN themselves, and i will even include and image of it here….


We take the listeners on a near 3 hour journey through everything you need to know about CERN and particle colliders before taking you into the more occulted aspects of the experimentation underway beneath the Alps. This really is all the material that they are DESPERATE FOR YOU TO KNOW – HEAR IT HERE FIRST AS TONY BREAKS HIS SILENCE.

Tony made it clear to me behind the scenes that the reason he has made the decision to speak again is due to the amount of disinfo and hype around this massive topic.

Tony talks about how the real fun and games will get going in December, despite us all pointing towards now as that time. In late November we will see the protons swapped for heavier mass ions of lead, and this is where Tony thinks the real action lies.

Listen to how the scientists are determined to not only create Strangelets, the most explosive things in the universe, but to harness their power and to stabilise any connection to the other dimension.

Yes, thats right, i said the other dimension! This features highly in the conversation and plays a big part in the side of this story that brings with it the unwanted attention of alphabet agencies and their spooks – QUANTUM COMPUTING.

Due to safety reasons and to protect our guest, I have decided not to name the particular brand/make of QC, but merely refer to it from this point forward as THE MACHINE.

Tony explains how this works and how it is a key part of everything going on at CERN, and beyond.

We also get into the more esoteric and occulted side of what is going on at CERN. This gets us into the strange musical video released by CERN called “Symmetry” which set the internet ablaze as conspiracy analysists went into overdrive trying to decode the blatent and replete symbology the performance had to offer. Whats interesting to listen to during this sections is how this video, or information contained within it, connects directly to Tony Patch’s own tetrahedron model of EVERYTHING. For those out there that may not have seen the strange short film, here it is with some analysis provided.

So what is the real purpose of opening up portals to the other dimension? This is where Tony connects everything and lays it all out. Tune in  to hear what awaits on the other side and just where they are coming from.

Then in yet more new information that the elites will undoubtedly try to supress, we get into the manufacturing of synthetic 3rd strand DNA, and the creation of faux life in the lab – but more importantly how this all times in, from the genome project to now, with everything at CERN and the very same government organisations that fund them all!

There is cutting edge science, critical information and speculative theories and facts mixed with some quantum madness and most importanty its all done while being able to have a laugh or ten along the way!

Sit back and enjoy Tony Patch speak out FIRST HERE ON THE KEV BAKER SHOW!

Visit Tony’s site here ….

Check the schedules for CERN….


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