Papal Bull


Key Facts
Other names Ba’al
Year of origin 1136 CE
Location Rome
Material Human skin, usually from sacrificed children and/or famous heretics.
List of Bulls List of Papal Bulls


A Papal Bull is a formal document issued by a Roman Cult Pontiff upon a major act of law, curse or claim to extend the power of the Cult over its claimed domination of the world, all nations, all people, all law and all religions. All legitimate Papal Bulls were issued on human skin, usually the skin of a sacrificed child, or some famous heretic. Forgeries are on calf skin or some other lesser medium.

The first legitimate Papal Bull is probably around 1136 called Ex commisso nobis by Pope Innocent II in the claimed excommunication of the Saxon (German) Pope at Magdeburg.

Unfortunately, many of the key Papal Bulls are missing (such as 1249) and most have been deliberately forged over the centuries onto calf or sheep skin, to re-write history and hide their original form on human skin. However, it is unlikely the originals on the skin of those murdered by the Cult – especially children – have been destroyed as they remain the foundation of the Roman Cult and a core source of their supernatural power.

Any claimed Papal Bulls prior 1136 must be viewed as suspect and any alleged Papal Bulls prior to 1079 are complete frauds as the Roman Cult did not claim Rome as quasi-christians until Gregory VII against the founders of the Catholic Church, the Franks.

Original source and concept of Papal Bulls

The claim that Papal Bulls are named after the bulla of ancient Roman documents is a complete absurdity – they are dedications to the Dark Lord or Ba’al Satan to whom the Roman Cult dedicate their works in secret.

The use of human skin is a fundamental prerequisite for a Papal Bull to have power as this is a concept of necromancy inherited through the Rabbi of Venice, the successors of the Sarmatians, themselves the successors of the Scythians and Tarsus, the successors of Mari and the amurru, the city founded itself from exiles of Ur.

The Latin word vellum from vellus means not only a fleece or hide but also “human” skin, indicating that at the Roman times the meaning of this form of writing material was still known.

In fact it was the Roman Cult itself through the formation of the College of Abbreviators that create the word “Parchment” to describe the fundamental form for legitimate Papal Bulls- “parchment” meaning parca = one of the three fates – the fate of death, h = letter of binding and ment/mentis = mind, thought, intention, intellect or in other words “mind/soul bound to the fate of death”.

Official Papal Method for creating Vellum/Parchment for Bulls

The awful ritual of murdering children for using their skin for Papal Bulls and other Spells was first outlined in the Grimoire of Pope Honorius III at the beginning of the 13th Century. But instead of explicitly using the word “human child”, the word “kid” is used. Today, the word kids is accepted as a word for children.

The same ritual appears as standard procedure in subsequent Grimoires of black magic published by the Popes and the introduction to the specifics of the ritual may be viewed in Arthur Edward Waite’s Book of Ceremonial Magic Pg 171:

Concerning the Victim of the Art

Take your kid (child); place it on a block with the throat turned upward, so that it may be easier for you to cut it; be ready with your knife, and cut the throat with a single stroke, pronouncing the name o the Spirit whom you wish to invoke. For example, say: “I slay thee, N. (name of child) in the name and to the honor of N. (name of spirit)”. Have a care that two blows not be needed, but let it die at the first; then skin with the knife and while skinning it make the following Invocation…

The highest form- succession of form

Under all western law, the highest form of law and literally the highest form upon which any writing exists is a Papal Bull- based on parchment, being the skin of sacrificed children. In the system devised by the Roman Cult, no other document can claim higher standing.

This is a key reason why all legitimate Bulls were written on the skin of sacrificed innocent children, cursed, sodomised and then brutally butchered- because the Roman Cult did not publicly permit any documents to be written on parchment from human skin, no other documents could claim “human personality” and therefore real spiritual life.

Under the perverse and corrupt system of law that dominates the world today, the Roman Cult has convinced all jurisdictions to consider documents as devoid of life, except for those granted limited powers to resurrect the “dead paper” of a document to limited life, through the form of certain seals. Yet under this wholly evil and wicked system, no document has higher “life” that a Papal Bull being a satanic curse and binding usng the flesh of innocents to “trap their soul” to the form.

Regardless of this perversity, under Western law, legally Papal Bulls technically stand as the highest form of original law – therefore what they say (always written in Latin) is technically the law.

Forgeries and fraudulent Bulls on display

Unfortunately, the published and “official” version of most Papal Bulls prior to the 19th Century are deliberate fakes, with the words hardly representing anything like the original content.

This is especially significant for Papal Bulls representing historic Deeds and Wills in that such frauds when clearly noted constitutes fundamental and fatal breach in the very trust laws first created by the Papacy.

Therefore, such deliberate and conscious fraud of alterting key Papal Bulls has resulted in the collapse of all the major Trusts and Testamentary Trusts of the Papacy. The continuation of obeyance to such claimed authority itself is a fraud against the rules of Trusts and Property by which the whole world allegedly adheres and such organizations as the United Nations, the Bank for International Settlements are guilty of fundamental and gross fraud in recognizing the Vatican has any effective authority.