September 29th: topics include the takedown of Glencore and Volkswagen, the USFed’s hidden $1 trillion of QE volume per month, the effect of new Iranian oil on keeping oil prices down, the Putin checkmate of Barack Obama in the US-led Syrian War strategy, the shortage of physical Gold & Silver in both COMEX and coin dealers, and a coming global RESET of the financial system (with unplanned extra intensity by the Jackass that cannot be explained)   (part 1)



September 28th: topics covered are the devious attack by USGovt against Volkswagen to force the US$ towline in commercial slavery, the VW violation is bogus and contrived, the hidden $1 trillion monthly QE volume for aiding Wall St banks in oil hedge losses, grand blemish in $40bn in daily Failures to Deliver in USTreasurys (naked shorting by Wall St banks), the USFed being trapped and unable to hike rates for many reasons, rate hike would kill the entire USTBond market rapidly and Wall Street banks even more rapidly, the new Iran oil supply guarantees low oil price and continued damage to US oil sector and Wall Street underwriters to oil hedge contacts, the Emerging Market debt on the verge of defaults since all denominated in USD terms, the Syrian refugee problem (migrants?) with USGovt to blame, the effective cover for 1000 guerrillas to enter Europe without proper border checks, the global shortage of Gold & Silver in both physical and fraudulent paper, the one year delay in Global Currency Reset under agreement by US & China, the footnote to beware of Yemen for threat to House of Saud whose has an assortment of internal problems.