Russia has already accomplished in days what the US military claims to have been unable to accomplish over the course of a year. Russia is destroying ISIS strongholds with ease and have these cowardly mercenaries, the paid attack dogs of the US and Israel, on the run. After only three or four days of legitimate opposition, ISIS is fleeing like rats from a sinking ship!

In turning the tide so quickly and dramatically, the Russians have revealed to the entire world the lies behind the US military intervention in Syria, which has nothing to do with “terrorism” nor defending the people of Syria and everything to do with ousting a political leader, President Bashar al-Assad, who refuses to turn over his country, its people and its resources to the cut-throat, psychopathic, Nazi banking cartel that runs the US and every other criminal western corporation posing as “government”.

In the video below, Lieutenant Colonel Roy Potter reacts to the exposure of the US military for what they really are: global thugs who shake down entire nations for profit at the bidding of the bankster mafia that controls them.  ~Shep