Jan 18, 2016

As you view these well-made video documentaries—thanks to Stefan Molyneux, please consider the following…

The founders established the organic Constitution which created a service contract to perform specific services:
Enumerated Powers

No where in the contract were the employees provided the authority to create agencies of their own preferences.  Almost all of the current “government,” agencies, if not all of them…were not lawfully created.  For more information please click on the following links:

Either way, none operate lawfully with any delegated authority of the governed. The fact is they are all being misrepresented as legitimate government agencies which is fraud.

Fraud vitiates all!

Therefore, there has been no lawful government for the American people of the Continental United States of America since the early 1860’s.

Like obama, the Congress and the rest of what we are led to believe is the legitimate government of the American people, they too are being misrepresented and therefore do not lawfully exist with respect to the true American Citizens.

Oregon: Congressman Greg Walden: This is no laughing matter!

Todd Macfarlane: The Mary Bulloch Story and Other Related Issues in the Long Trail of BLM Abuses

The same can be said of the rest of the fictional “federal government,” which can only be characterized as a criminal corporate enterprise, mainly consisting of a foreign controlled corporation named by semantic deceit, as the United States of America, Inc.