Author: My name is Paul, I am a high level financial insider with a background in physics and business/finance.

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Update 22nd January 2016

Dear All,
Firstly an apology for the delay in providing this update but we have been rather busy lately and I needed a little time to focus on the avalanche of developments to bring focus and clarity to what is currently happening. Often people will suggest that they are not seeing significant developments so I thought we could start this update by illustrating a few key initiatives currently underway which are by no means exhaustive. It is clear now that both Russia and China are playing the key roles in bringing about the dawn of the new paradigm and the end of the cabal, which has blighted this world for many more years than perhaps we realise.

Key Initiatives

1) ISIS revealed as US-UK-Israel-Turkey project

2) IMF inclusion of Chinese RMB currency, with banking reserves changes

3) US Fed apparent rate hike, disguising the US Dept. of Treasury covert activities

4) Removal of Too Big to Fail protection for US Banks

5) Petro-Dollar machinery continues to be dismantled

6) Shanghai Gold Fix and RMB-based gold futures contract

7) Russia will determine oil price setting along with Iran to form a new axis via this alliance

8) Numerous nations seeing currency issues, such as Turkey, Sweden (not part of Euro) as well as Brazil and Mexico

9) Bank bail-in procedures have been pre-warned

10) Washington reversal on Syrian Regime and Turkish presence in Syria

11) Germany showing movement to resolve damage with Russia (flip eastwards) both militarily and economically

12) Chinese RMB development on several new global financial platforms

13) US Military backed out of Persian Gulf, and soon completely out of Syria

14) Yemen War Zone spreads to Saudi border and embassies

15) Saudi Arabia and Turkey will both have major regime changes

16) US-led trade unions will not find support and will die, as even the Pope spoke out against GMO foods (major piece of TTIP pact).

17) Foreign bank access to Russian MIR payment system

18) China dumping US treasuries to continue acquiring assets in US, EU and Africa

19) Removal of mark-market valuation of energy sector assets to fudge capitalisation of banks

20) Suspension of Schengen agreement by Austria, Sweden and Denmark

21) Deglobulisation gathering pace contrary to the cabalist agenda

22) Inauguration of the AIIB for infrastructure and other development projects

23) Washington withdrawal from Ukraine after Nuland-Surkov meeting

24) Visible dislocation in the derivative and bond markets

25) Corporations announcing downsizing and reduction in workforce as a result of the insane ZIRP forever and QE to infinity policy.

26)  China developing strategic relationship with Egypt and Iran

27) China developing diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia

28) Downward spiral of Qatar and Dubai as the Middle East begins to implode

29) China calls for creation of Palestinian State

30) China continues to transition its economy to the new financial, political and social paradigm

So how can we distil this myriad of points down into a concise roadmap of what is going on? Firstly I think we should look at the Middle East which appears to be the primary focus for both China and Russia currently. We have seen the Chinese premier Xi visiting Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia this week to promote strengthening ties with all those nations. The focus on the former two nations is about bilateral trade and strengthening of ties in line with the new Silk Road initiative. This is in stark contrast to US hegemony which was about domination and exploitation of nations and for those who resisted they were subject to the unholy trinity of death, destruction and grand larceny.

With respect to Saudi Arabia, China is more concerned with developing diplomatic ties and beginning a lengthier process of such initiatives. However I would not be surprised to see the issue of selling oil in Yuan being broached. However this is set against the backdrop of the disintegration of the House of Saud due to ongoing internal strife within the palace and nationally. Their fall is inevitable but who replaces them remains the illusive question. Saudi is frantically looking at ways to divest its economy but it is nothing more than a panic measure which is doomed to fail. Furthermore we are seeing the implosion of Qatar and Dubai continue and I would expect this to spread further afield. Saudi’s intervention into Yemen is beginning to seriously backfire on them as once again their actions as a vassal state of Washington prove to be a foolish manoeuvre.

It appears that the Saudi actions on oil & wealth fund sales will kill the House of Saud and absolutely not Russia. I am getting the feeling that somebody sold the Saudis a bogus plan, akin to a poison pill. The House of Saud is standing on the precipice of oblivion finally realising they have been the architects of their own destruction. Israel continues to remain largely silent and we are now seeing China talking about the creation of the nation state of Palestine and you can be sure this will be followed up with intense diplomatic pressure being applied.

Let us now turn our attention to Syria where Russia continues to attack ISIS with devastating consequences financially as well as militarily. It is now clear that both Assad and Russia are liaising with the Kurds and that Turkey’s role within this region has become untenable and will lead to regime change within that nation and the breakup of that nation not just with respect to disputed territory with the Kurds. The issue of governance of Syria itself remains a side issue which at this time is seen as an irrelevance but in due course we may see the implementation of a unity government and future elections held. I would not rule out the re-election of Assad but that is something for the Syrian people to decide without coercion from other nations. It would also be worth mentioning at this point that Russian continues to work with both Iraq and Afghanistan in dealing with the western backed terrorist groups working in these nations for the enrichment of the cabal. The latter is particularly interesting as it is the key nation for opium production in the world and something which has been extremely lucrative for the cabal. As part of the global initiative to cut off the drug cartels I would expect to see a step up in activities in Afghanistan. When people in the West realise that shipment of opium is a coordinated exercise by the cabal via the US controlled base in Pristina Kosovo they will begin to realise the true extent of this industry and who controls it.

Next let us look at recent developments between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Whilst I do not expect direct military conflict between these nations there is no doubt that significant tensions now exist between them. Furthermore this needs to be placed within the context of the war in Yemen which to some extent is a proxy war between these two nations. Diplomatic ties were broken off between these nations after the execution of Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent Shiite cleric. Iran protested vehemently in its wake leading to the attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran and the consulate in the city of Mashhad. However upon the lifting of economic sanctions against Iran you can now be sure that they will cripple Saudi Arabia via an oil price war the latter can never compete with. Traditionally Saudi Arabia has used oil to permit non-taxation of its people but given that position will no longer be tenable leading to budget deficits it will have to resort to taxation, which will be deeply damaging to their regime.

In further developments Iran and India have announced that they intend to settle future crude oil payments in Indian Rupees, as part of a joint strategy in future bilateral trade. However it is possible we will see this extend to settlement via gold trade notes and ultimately in the physical metal itself. In turn India is likely to secure key infrastructure projects at ports and railway links. This will provide additional commercial ties between these two nations and this will further weaken the cabal. You can be sure that this will be supported by the Russian missile systems which will defend the key strategic area around the mouth of the Straits of Hormutz.

We can expect to see further strategic announcements with respect to Iran particularly in relation to Russia and China. I would not rule out them joining the BRICS perhaps as an associate member in the near future. Having seen the lifting of sanctions we can now expect to see cheap Iranian oil flooding the markets with China being the primary destination. This in turn is almost certainly going to drive down the price of oil. We can see as this report is being written that the cabal is desperate to defend the price at around $30 to prevent derivatives and junk bond implosion, coupled with impairments at the too big to fail banks which are being encouraged to cook their books via the revocation of mark-market rules on their energy assets. However it will be a futile exercise as we will see oil drive down towards $20 per barrel. We are already seeing nations paying significantly less than this figure of $30 on the open market which is a clear indication that the manipulation of Brent and US Crude prices is an attempt by the cabal to prevent their own financial ruin via derivative speculation, bond and loan defaults.

In next week’s update we will turn our attention towards Europe which has always been the key battleground for the Cabal as we saw in two world wars and in the creation of the EU which was a Washington initiative brought about as a condition for German reunification. It is our understanding that Germany and France have privately struck deals with Russia with respect to the new paradigm which may explain why France recently suffered terrorist attacks and why Germany has been sucked into the mass immigration issue which is engulfing Europe and deeply damaging to Merkel. ​