This is a sad day for America and the world. Lavoy Finicum, spokesperson for the peaceful occupiers of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, has been gunned down by federal law enforcement while en route to John Day, Oregon to speak at the town’s request. Those he was traveling with have been arrested, including Ammon and Ryan Bundy.

In a phone conversation with his wife following his arrest, Ammon told her that Lavoy had been ordered to get on his knees with hands over his head. He did as he was told. While on his knees, hands over his head, he was then ruthlessly shot 3 times. It is believed he was unarmed.

R.I.P. Lavoy Finicum. May your sacrifice not be in vain.  ~Shep

edit: It appears Lavoy was walking away from the vehicle when shot, and not on his knees. He was unarmed though and his hands were raised over his head. Shots continued to be fired after he fell to the ground.

edit 2: I’ve now heard reports the group was on it’s way to a private meeting with the FBI, not a public gathering as first reported. The FBI had told them they wished to negotiate and would grant safe passage. Then the FBI ambushed them along a remote stretch of road and began firing as they attempted to surrender.