How can we be sure this man is truly relaying the words of Ammon Bundy? The words do not sound like Ammon’s to me. “This fight is ours now in the courts” he says. In the courts? Ammon knew as well as anybody that this fight cannot be won in the courts. The courts are rigged by the criminals running the system. That is why he took the actions he did in the first place, because there was no justice for the Hammonds to be found in the courts.

I hope this is not a federally appointed “defense attorney” whose job it is to give the illusion of a defense while intentionally selling Ammon down the river, as has recently happened in other high profile cases… the Boston Marathon Bombing and the Aurora Theatre Shooting trials being two examples. Maybe I’m too suspicious, but I will trust nothing until I hear it from Ammon himself.  ~Shep