It appears to me that this “unedited” FBI video (which has cuts throughout) has been sped up slightly for the crash scene. You cannot trust the clock at upper left, which must have been added later. Enlarge the video and watch the unnaturally quick movements of the man who steps out in front of their vehicle as it hits the snowbank. He is in fast motion. The brake lights of the truck are applied all the way leading into the roadblock. I believe they were attempting to stop and surrender but were fired upon as they slowed, leaving no other choice but to try to go around. The FBI had no intention of allowing LaVoy Finicum to leave this ambush alive, imo.

Now compare the young girl’s passionate, unscripted testimony above to the emotionless, controlled, contrived video from Mark McConnell below. This man is unquestionably a federal plant and scumbag extraordinaire. Aside from the 18 year old girl who had been asked to sing at the meeting they were heading to, Mark McConnell is the only one of the group who was not charged with a crime. He was released almost immediately. Does he seem like he even cares about the cause or the others who were arrested? He is more interested in painting the FBI as professionals who were only doing their job. If it walks like a fed and talks like a fed, it’s a fed.  ~Shep