February 3, 2016 2:00 PM

Truth Unite with Scott Bennett

Co-Hosted by Michael Jay. With guests Kathy Rubio, legal expert Stephen Pidgeon at the North American Law Center, and special ops man of action “Ghost”.
Produced by Brian Onley

Scott Bennett interviews for a second time Ms. Victoria Sharp as she gives her own personal testimony concerning the events within the vehicle at the Oregon shootout last week where Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, an Arizona rancher and one of the leaders in eastern Oregon, was the man killed in a shootout with federal officials on Tuesday. Victoria Sharp, nickname “Mocking-Jay” (from the Hunger Games) assumes the leadership position of a young woman standing up and fighting against the murderous forces of tyranny, slavery, and wicked corruption being demonstrated by the FBI, by President Barack Obama, by Dept. of Justice Attorney General Loretta Lynch, by the Bureau of Land Management, and by Oregon Governor Kate Brown. All of these people are now implicated in treason, attempted murder, abuse of government power, violations of the “Smith-Mundt Act” (prohibiting Psychological Operations against Americans), and in violation against committing acts of terrorism against Americans.

All Americans, and non-Americans, are encouraged to have their children on their knee as they watch this, and have their children take this story to school as an extra credit social studies/civics/political current event report…for it reports on the current state of our Republic and Constitution–or slow death of it.

Additionally we are encouraging Americans to either go to the funeral Friday for Robert LaVoy Finicum, or travel to Oregon to stand with and help protect the people in the wildlife refuge in order for them to leave safely. Otherwise, if Americans don’t stand up, these people may be shot in a matter of hours. Additionally, people are encouraged to send checks of any amount to Victoria Sharp and those protecting, feeding, clothing, and supporting them. Donations may be sent to: 23 Railroad Ave, #23, Danville, CA 94526 and will be given directly to Victoria and those standing with her up there to provide their basic food and support.

Finally, attorneys are encouraged to provide free legal advice and representation to Victoria and others there, and ensure that all legal actions and motions are filed to preserve their rights, the Constitution, and the redress of this evil perpetrated against them by the FBI, its contractor mercenaries (fresh from the oblivion of Iraq/Afghanistan), and corrupt politicians. If we don’t stand now, the next casualties may be you and your children.
–Scott Bennett, 2LT U.S. Army Special Operations, Psychological Warfare Analyst (retired)

The funeral for Robert Finicum will be held at:

1436 South MacAllister Drive
Knab, Utah

All those wishing to attend the services and show their support may and are urged to do so.