By Anna Von Reitz
February 10, 2016

Well, Let’s See…..
What has Judge Anna been up to the last few days?
Besides lecturing, teaching, writing institutional framework documents, analyzing
new forms of currency and barter platforms, reforming the Federal Postal District
Courts, preparing the international criminal complaints against the FBI in the
wrongful death of LaVoy Finicum, negotiating with leaders of the Bar Associations for
stand-downs and cooperation with prosecution of those responsible for the false
claims that have been made against American assets, collection of American assets
that have been purloined, placement of international liens, collection of international
liens, setting up informational resources for peacekeeping and law enforcement
officers, setting up more informational resources for local organizers to restore their
local county and state governments owed to the land jurisdiction of this country,
exposure of commercial mercenary armies operating on our soil under color of law
disguised as trademarked government agencies–FBI, BLM, and so on, that have
been acquired by buy-outs and mergers of older governmental services
organizations, assisting in the release of Americans detained in federal prisons,
demanding correction of political status and the establishment of orderly protocols
and agreed upon procedures to accomplish this without further delay or obfuscation,
the end of “14th Amendment” citizenship presumptions, repudiation of the the so-
called “National Debt” and so much, much more….. not much.
I must plead with everyone again, please, please, please DO NOT send me your
individual cases. I can’t possibly reply and when I do pile through my huge pile of
daily mail, it is heart-breaking for me to hear your pleas and know that for the most
part, I can’t answer because (1) my jurisdiction is limited by geography and (2)
there simply is not time. I am only one old lady and I HAVE TO keep my attention
focused on the Big Picture of ending these evils once and for all for everyone, not
just a few. Those who have gone through the court process of just minor cases know
how time and energy consuming these are and also know that there are millions of
Americans in the same boat.
My time has to be to spent resolving the fundamental issues so that criminals are
brought to justice, misadministration of our government ends, the predatory banks
are shut down and the vast majority of these vicious fraudulent court cases simply
disappear as if they never were, so that unincorporated counties and states begin
functioning and protecting the people again, so that we have peacekeepers instead
of law enforcement officers, so that we have actual money instead of hot air, so that
families can be families again and so much more.
There is a lot to be done. I am counting on all of you to grab an oar, educate
yourselves, educate your friends, families, and neighbors, local politicians, sheriffs,
police, military service members, clergy, teachers–everyone you meet. You are the
heirs of the Republic. It is now yours. You have inherited it the same way you might
inherit a house. It’s yours to clean up, care for, remodel, and repair.
The heavy lifting in our Republic is done by us, the free, sovereign, and independent
people in whom the entire government of the land jurisdiction of the United States is
vested. In our system, the people rule. The power is delegated from the people to
the counties to the states to the federal government and at each level the amount of
power is reduced.
In our system, the Republic System, all county governments function as assemblies
of living people, all state governments are also assemblies of living people, all our
offices are Public Offices, with Oaths, with Bonds. We honor and enforce the Organic
Law of our nation— The Articles of Confederation, The Declaration of Independence,
The Constitution for the united States of America, the Land Act of 1785 and the
Northwest Ordinance, the United States Statutes-at-Large.
We are literally self-governing and we owe it to ourselves and our children to
expatriate from any presumption of Federal United States Citizenship and provide
ourselves with the government we are heir to and which we are owed without
question or condition.
Our system is the exact opposite of the Top Down Federal Government model that
has the President and the Congress dictating everything to “Federal States” which
are franchises of the Federal Corporation –whichever one is providing services at
any given time— and “Federal Counties” which are in turn franchises of the Federal
The fundamental news that everyone has to understand is that when you incorporate
ANYTHING you remove it from the jurisdiction of the land and move it into the
foreign international jurisdiction of the sea. You also move it out from under the Law
of the Land (including The Constitution) and place it under the Law of the Sea,
When the “federal government” incorporated after the Civil War it ceased to operate
as a sovereign government and adopted the nature of a common commercial
corporation. See the Clearfield Doctrine. The Public Offices were converted to private
corporate offices. Same thing with the Federal franchises calling themselves “State
of______” and “County of _________”.
The men you have elected in good faith to act as your Sheriffs and keep the peace
and ensure your property and your rights? For years now, ever since the States and
Counties incorporated in order to share in “Federal Revenue Sharing”— that is,
kickbacks from federal corporate racketeering— the “Sheriff” has been “re-tasked”
to enforce corporate policies and codes, statutes, and regulations instead.
Doesn’t that just warm your cockels, when you consider that on average these guys
and their pensions and benefits are costing over $500,000 per year and they aren’t
doing the job you thought you were electing them to do?
You’ve been paying in good faith for a Sheriff to protect you, and instead, getting a
Code Enforcer bent on protecting the bottom line of a foreign for-profit corporation
A lot of people have asked me where the hammer has to hit first and hardest. For
my money, it comes down on the local counties that have incorporated and abused
the public trust in this manner and upon the “Sheriffs” who have failed to enforce the
Organic and Public Law while continuing to call themselves a Sheriff.
It’s high time that we all stood up and told these “counties” and these “Sheriffs”
what we think of them and their private, for-profit governmental services
corporations acting under conditions of semantic deceit and fraud and failing to do
their duty owed to the people who have loyally paid their salaries all these years.
There are 3100 Counties in this country and they are all supposed to be Counties on
the Land, not the Sea. There are 3100 County Sheriffs and only about 500 of them
belong to the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.
Do you think it’s about time we made that number 3100 out of 3100 and got rid of
the dead beats and corporate scum like “Sheriff” Ward who not only has failed to
obey the actual Public Law, but whose incompetence has cost the life of an innocent
How about Governor Brown? Another corporate shill who took an Oath to the
“Constitution” without mentioning which “Constitution” that was?
It’s time for people to restore their real government all across this great land. We
have to either liquidate these “states” and “counties” as the criminal syndicates they
have become, or hold additional forthright elections to fill the vacant public offices
owed to the land jurisdiction counties and states on the land.
If the Federal corporation wants to pay for all these fancy offices for corporate shills
to “serve” their Federal United States Citizens, well, by all means, it’s a free country.
Let them. But don’t give them a penny toward their expenses for such an enterprise.
After all, that’s not part of your contract with them. And feel free to kick them out of
the buildings and premises that your labor paid for and bring suit against them for
abusing names of States and Public Offices that belong to you for purposes of fraud.
You don’t have to worry about electing or not electing “Sheriff David Ward” –the
Burns County Sheriff who refused to do his lawful job and cost LaVoy Finicum his
life– just go ahead and elect your own Sheriff on the Land, Burns County, Oregon.
Maybe his name will be “Sheriff Andy Coleman”. Who knows? But as long as Sheriff
Andy knows his job and knows how to Deputize as many men as he needs to get the
job done, “Sheriff Ward” and his ilk will be out of business soon enough and the real
America we know and love can return once the Organic and Public Law is being
Once that happens, dear hearts, the Other Shoe drops—- and those fake “FBI”
agents that have been terrorizing everyone, operating as commercial mercenaries
under color of law on our soil? Threatening our people? Murdering our people? Trying
to steal our land based on fraudulent claims made by foreign banks? They are going
to be facing international war crimes tribunals and most likely, they are all going to
be hung with piano wire. That’s a fact. I wouldn’t be one of those despicable men
standing around joking about how they shot an unarmed and innocent American for
all the tea in China.
We will ride these corporations out of town on a tide of commercial obligation liens
that would make the Aga Khan blush. We will bring criminal complaints in our
Common Law Courts and our Common Law Juries will learn how to investigate
crimes and bring presentments once again to Sheriffs who don’t need a DA to tell
them what to do. We will tear apart the Bar Associations and leave their members
unable to hold any kind of court. Their shame will be set before the entire planet for
all to see, right along with the banks and the politicians responsible for this mess.
We will clean house, America, and we will do a good job of it, right down to gunk in
the corners. So get reading, get ready, get talking, and bring your mop and sponge.
Turn off the Boob Tube. Forget their foreign elections. That’s not your government.