All the new vaccines are DNA (or GMO) vaccines.  They are not the older vaccines people imagine in which a bit of antigen is injected into a child and they have a reaction that (allegedly) protects them from that antigen in the future.  No, these are third generation vaccines that while using the same name of the other vaccines (measles, mumps, etc.) are based on an entirely new technology that has never been approved for human beings.

As of last year, Wikipedia had an article on DNA vaccines, boasting of them.  Now, the vaccines touted as breakthroughs in science (HPV and Hepatitis B) are not mentioned and Wikipedia writes as though no DNA vaccine were in use in the US.  The reality is those two vaccines and many other DNA vaccines, are being used in the US, and are crippling or killing babies, children and teens.

Why is Wikipedia Hiding The Fact That DNA (GMO) Vaccines Are Being Used in the US?

Why does Wikipedia deny the current commercial use of DNA vaccines in the US?  Because this is the current vaccine type in use across almost all vaccines now – though there has been NO APPROVAL FOR HUMAN USE.

And because these vaccines have already proven to be an extreme danger to human life.

Wikipedia says:

Current use

No DNA vaccines have been approved for human use in the United States.

But Wikipedia goes further.  The next sentence, after admitting these vaccines have never been approved for human use, explain why the CDC says children must get repeated courses of the vaccines, and especially explain the measles and whooping cough outbreaks in vaccinated populations.

Thus far, few experimental trials have evoked a response strong enough to protect against disease,

and the usefulness of the technique, while tantalizing, remains to be conclusively proven in humans.

As of June 2015 only one human DNA vaccine has been approved for human use, the single-dose Japanese encephalitis vaccine called IMOJEV, released in 2010.[6] However, a veterinary DNA vaccine to protect horses from West Nile virus has been approved.[7][8] In August 2007, a preliminary study in DNA vaccination against multiple sclerosis was reported as being effective.[9]

So, the CDC has a problem:

The vaccines used in the US have never been approved for human beings.

And clearly these vaccines are a disaster even looking solely at government and WHO admissions:

US Govt Admits that Hep-B Vaccine Linked to SIDS (sudden infant death)

The US government has admitted the Hepatits B vaccine causes lupus.

Federal Court admits Hepatitis B Vaccine caused a fatal autoimmune disorder …

Formal scientific or governmental admissions about vaccines:

Merck’s former lead scientist, Maurice Hillerman admitted Merck caused AIDS in the US with their hepatitis vaccine.

A CDC researcher who worked on the CDC study that said the MMR was safe, has admitted the CDC hid the data showing MMR causes autism and will testify before Congress.

A lead Gardasil developer admits the vaccine has no benefit and may be killing more girls than cervical cancer. and girls and parents need  warnings

Vaccine pioneer admits the polio vaccine caused cancer

Polio vaccines now the leading cause of polio

WHO Admitted in 1987 that its smallpox vaccine Caused AIDS in Africa and elsewhere but omits that the WHO had requested The Virus.



“As for the CDC, there has been a monumental and complete breakdown of the entire regulatory system around vaccines.  It is gone.
The pharmaceutical industry and CDC, using means that threatened education, jobs, food, social acceptance, and the family itself, have sold DNA (GMO) vaccines never approved for human use in the US.
And now they have gotten them mandated.

But the situation is worse than this because now the WHO – run by the Rockefellers who had half interest in IG Farben which ran the concentration camps in Nazi Germany and who are genocidal and desire an extreme reduction in world population – wants Zika vaccines for the world for a virus unproven to do anything.

From “The History of the Business with Disease”

“The U.S. lead prosecutor in the Nuremberg War Criminal Tribunal against the IG Farben [the combined pharmaceutical/chemical giant that the Rockefellers had half interest in] anticipated this development when he said,

“These IG Farben criminals, not the lunatic Nazi fanatics, are the main war criminals. If the guilt of these criminals is not brought to light and if they are not punished, they will represent a much greater threat to the future peace of the world than Hitler if he were still alive.”

The WHO is where the IG Farben companies went after WWII.  The Rockefellers run it.  The WHO, pretending to be helping, has continued the Nazi intent to  get rid of inferior or unwanted people.  If they were interested in helping save lives, why did they not stop the polio vaccines in Pakistan that were killing 1000s of children, but instead called for saturation vaccination?  Why did the UNICEF vaccines teams going into Pakistan include CIA?  Why did the WHO threaten to remove visas from Pakistan if they didn’t continue with the lethal vaccines?

‘Globally-supported company is funding fatal polio shots’

GAVI’s partners include certain countries, the Bill and Melinda Gates Children’s Vaccine Programme, International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, Rockefeller Foundation, United Nations Children’s Fund, World Health Organisation and the World Bank, the report says.


The WHO vaccine against Zika will be a DNA (GMO) vaccine, too, and also be unapproved for human use, as well as untested as to its real impact (or intent).  Will it be against Zika?

Right now, it’s known that the CDC is involved with the Zika virus and with no oversight by anyone.  This article is one that everyone should read carefully because it makes clear that vaccines and mosquitoes are in the hands of dangerous people involved with bioweapons.

ZIKA VIRUS – CDC-Oxford ‘Death Gene’

The WHO caused AIDS with a vaccine
They admit it. 
Please take a moment to take that in.

The WHO caused AIDS – a new disease.

39 million people are said to have died from AIDS.  In the U.S., AIDS is today the 7th leading cause of death of people age 25-44, down from 1994 and 1995 when it was the leading cause of death.

Now the WHO after killing 39 million people with a vaccine, wants billions for a new also unknown, untested vaccine.  They want to fight the Zika virus.   But the Zika virus which used to be harmless, was handled by the CDC and now includes a death gene.

So, if we want to be safe, perhaps it is not viruses we need to be safe from but our own naivete, our own inability to connect obvious dots and take seriously what we see.
Those with a Nazi and bioweapons background who want to get rid of most of the world’s population, are offering untested vaccines to “save” people.

A doctor in Kenya spoke a few words about the WHO which are timely now.  He is quoted in an article about Hillary Clinton, because those involved in sterilizing and killing millions of people with vaccines are Hillary Clinton’s major donors.

“Interested to learn the truth about how the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association became suspicious and what they discovered, I decided to contact obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr. Wahome Ngare.


“I asked him whether or not he had any final comments that he would like to portray to the public.

Dr. Ngare replied:

1. The reputation of WHO has been called to question many times in the past but there is always inconclusive evidence and a great deal of media sensitization of information that they get away Scot free. The Catholic Church in Kenya has offered the world irrefutable evidence in this case of the Kenyan tetanus eradication campaign demonstrating clearly the forceful but secretive sterilization of a community.

How much more damage and proof will the world demand before action is taken?

2. This is not an African problem; this is not a racial problem. It is a problem of good versus evil. Passivity allows evil to thrive and ever flourish. It is time individuals who stand for what is good understood that the only way to defeat evil is to confront it head on and took action in their area of direct influence e.g. at home, the work place and their local communities.

3. This chance must not be squandered. The Catholic Church in Kenya has done its part and will continue to be vigilant. However, we appeal to the people and private organizations of good will from all across the world to come together and supported the Catholic Church in Kenya to fight the excesses of this organization.”

[Emphasis added.]

Hillary Clinton depends on money from foundations that have run mass sterilization campaigns using vaccines, donors who are paralyzing and killing large numbers of children with vaccines.  It makes Mrs. Clinton’s tweet about vaccines chilling:

“The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork. Let’s protect all our kids. #GrandmothersKnowBest”


 Perhaps the tweet should be:

The history is clear.  The earth is round, the sky is blue (except for chemtrails) and WHO vaccines have murdered millions.  Let’s all protect our children and end the WHO.


How much more damage and proof

will the world demand before action is taken?

This is not an African problem; this is not a racial problem.

It is a problem of good versus evil.

This chance must not be squandered. ….

we appeal to the people

and private organizations of good will

from all across the world to come together …

to fight the excesses of this organization.