Published on Feb 14, 2013

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For those of you that have had the time or bothered to do a little research into the varieties of topics that would be considered by the main stream as “fringe” or “conspiracy”, you begin to see that you have been misled or lied to (or just purposely kept in the dark) on many fronts. Once you start delving into these areas (Illuminati, New World Order, Solar Radiation Management-Chemtrails, the Banking System, Genetically Modified Foods, Pharmaceutical Industry, vaccines etc, etc) you realize something isn’t right here! You innocently attempt to enlighten people, friends and family, in regards to the Truth as far as what’s really going on in the World and they start to think of you as “offside”, “nuts”, or even insane! Then I came across this video (one of many) that were made, based on an essay that was written by Don Harkins (now deceased) in December 2001, in the Idaho Observer (…)

It explained to me exactly why this occurs to people who have become exposed to the truth. After reading it and watching the video, it was like an epiphany. It explained it all very well. I just wish I could do more to help those people who seem to have an allergic reaction to the fact that truly powerful (evil and misguided) people have plans for us (their cattle/chattel) and those plans are not for our benefit !

Once you begin to see past the “veils” it’s a truly amazing ride.