This may be more truth than most are willing to accept. But hang in if you can. The big take-away here is that absolutely everything you have been told and manipulated to believe throughout your entire life is a lie. Everything. Global warming (be afraid!). Terrorism (be afraid!). Religion (be afraid!). History. Money. Education. Medicine. Government (all governments are private corporations). NASA. It’s all bullshit.

You are a slave, physically and mentally, and the above represent a few of the elements that have methodically been put in place to comprise the bars of your cage.

I suggest you grab a pen and paper for this one.  It is basically a primer and includes many references to materials that merit further research.  ~Shep

Published on Jul 19, 2016

Over recent weeks it has become apparent to Dani and Myself that we have a lot of new viewers who have no background or context for many of the subjects we discuss. Today’s show was an attempt to bring our new friends who are just discovering that the world is not really as it seems, up to speed. We tried to be gentle, I promise.

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