All these radicalized movements… the neo-feminists, Black Lives Matter, LGBT, etc. have been manufactured by the likes of George Soros and his globalist cronies as weapons of mass division. For those who do not know who George Soros is, he is an Hungarian, Jewish billionaire who sold out his own people to the Nazis in WW2. He has spent decades using his extreme wealth to build a web of worldwide influence, installing his CIA-backed NGOs in foreign lands and using them as operational hubs from which he infiltrates and destabilizes governments, making those nations ripe for overthrow and corporate plundering. Ukraine is a prime example of George Soros’ handiwork.

None of the political movements mentioned above is a legitimate, organic movement that came from the people. All have been engineered by the hidden hand that seeks to control you. Divide and conquer. Through the school system, Hollywood, music and fake news such as CNN and NY Times, that same hidden hand has been entraining the societal consciousness to embrace Political Correctness as all-important. The mass brainwashing has worked so well that some would rather see a deviant, mass murderer like Hillary Clinton in power (simply because she is female in many cases) than anybody their controllers may label as racist, misogynistic, homophobic or whatever.

Do the everyday “activists” involved within these groups research geopolitics or investigate other important issues independently? Do they look closely for deeper meanings, root causes or hidden agendas? Do they exercise any critical thinking outside “the box” whatsoever? NO! They eat what they are fed and react as desired when prodded.

The moment somebody arrives on the scene, such as Trump, who threatens the globalists’ status quo, it is a simple matter to use Hollywood and their fake, mockingbird media to work these misguided armies of “Fairness” and “Political Correctness” into a frenzy and aim them in whatever direction they choose… in the case of the so-called Women’s March, straight at Donald Trump, the first president since JFK who is working to set them free.   ~Shep

Published on Jan 25, 2017

After publishing Transpicuous News Jan 23, I receive a huge response about my segment on the “Women’s March” that took place on Saturday. After multiple requests, I have edited the show to create a short 10 minute video of just the my “Women’s March” commentary.