Alexandre Bissonette fits the profile of an MKULTRA mind controlled shooter patsy. – Analyst

January 30, 2017 By

VANCOUVER, BC – In a January 30, 2017 PressTV interview, War Crimes Judge Alfred Lambremont Webre stated that his preliminary investigation had found probable cause evidence that the reported January 29, 2017 shooting at a Quebec mosque was a CIA false flag operation. Initial witness reports had indicated that “three masked gunmen” had attacked the Islamic Cultural Center mosque in Quebec City.[1]

Then, in contradiction to witness reports, Quebec police allege 27 year old Alexandre Bissonette, called 911 within 20 minutes of the event, turning himself in and alleging sole responsibility for the shooting of six people dead and another 18 wounded. The standard Formula of the false flags typically includes a mind-controlled Patsy on whom the shooting in blamed. In the case of the Quebec Mosque shooting, this patsy appears to be Alexandre Bissonette.

Alexandre Bissonette fits the profile of an MKULTRA mind controlled shooter patsy. He is a soft-spoken, shy twin raised in a military family. One family friend states, “’He was a quiet guy, not at all violent. I never imagined that he could do anything like that’, says Marius Valentino, who knows Alexandre Bissonnette and his twin brother.”[2]

According press reports, “A source later told Reuters police were looking at Bissonnette as a ‘lone wolf’.  The political sciences and anthropology student, who is from the affluent Quebec City suburb Cap-Rouge, will appear in court sometime on Monday or Tuesday. Other students described him to as a pro-Trump loner but a timid man who didn’t seem capable of committing an act of terror.”[3]

One purpose of the CIA false flag was to create “fake news”

One purpose of the CIA false flag, Webre stated, was to create “fake news” that fit both into the understandable policy narrative later expressed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that the Quebec shooting was an “act of terror” against Muslims. The shooting, as a false flag, was in fact an act of state terror by CIA covert operations Team 40-Operation Gladio traveling false flag team against the public order of Canada and Quebec, as well as against the Muslim community and the Quebec and Canadian people.[4]

Webre stated that the CIA false flag against the Quebec mosque also fit into US President Donald Trump’s narrative justifying his refugee and Muslim immigrant ban. The “White House press secretary suggested the Quebec mosque attack is ‘terrible reminder’ of why Trump is focusing on national security,[5] although the alleged shooter, presumed patsy Alexandre Bissonette is a vocal pro Trump partisan.

CIA’s Operation 40-Operation Gladio traveling false flag unit has, according to author & researcher Ole Dammegard, created false flags in North America and Europe, including the recent alleged Berlin Christmas bombing.

The mission of the false flags is to create “Fake News” and synthetic state terror that can be used for a state suppression and repressive social policy agenda.

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