January 30, 2017
By the Anonymous Patriots
The Millennium Report Exclusive

Uncovering the DoD Sith Lords that Control Your Laptop

One of the best ways to describe the U.S. Department of Defense and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is to use the Star Wars moniker “Evil Empire” to describe its international, secretive agenda to take over the world and turn all of us into neo-feudal slaves who have no choice but to give allegiance to the controllers of the universe—Darth Vader and the Sith Lords.

DARPA “Vader” has controlled technological innovation since 1958 when it was created by the military-driven Evil Empire, a/k/a Department of Defense. Every emerging technology from the Evil Empire leads humanity into the science fiction fate of machines controlling humans, much like Darth Vader became a weapon that was half man and half machine. There is much wisdom and truth that lies behind the first Star Wars movie, and its story was given to humanity as a warning of how the Evil Empire and its Death Star planned to destroy the entire planet.

Folks, this is no longer science fiction. This battle for Earth is going on now and we, like the Rebel Alliance, must join forces to destroy the imperial forces of Darth Vader.

Aside: Do you know the real back story of Star Wars? If not, see Star Wars: The Secret Weapon and Why George Lucas has Kept It Hidden.

Folks at the DoD should read science fiction so that they can see how their actions—individually and collectively–are leading humanity into the evil destiny commonly found in sci-fi: robot wars, cyborgs turning against humans, computer take-over of the world, endless weapons, and, you guessed it – the Death Star. DARPA is the father of war-fighting, both conventional and digital. And as we all know, Darth Vader took his orders from the Evil Emperor. DARPA Vader is controlled by a man they called “Yoda,” but is in reality the Evil Emperor who leads a group called the Highlands Forum (Evil Empire Imperial Command) that directs all military research and development.

Who is this Evil Emperor who looks as innocent as Yoda? His name is Andrew Marshall and for decades this single man has driven the Highland Forum (Evil Empire) into creating weapons of every sort that have been released into the corporate world and now control your laptop, phone, computer, and every other device with a microprocessor inside – especially the “Evil Intel Empire Inside.”

Intel Inside is found in our private digital devices and is, in fact, collecting “Intelligence” for the Department of Defense, CIA, and NSA who are all members of the Evil Empire. Yes, the one they call “Yoda” is actually the Evil Emperor in disguise who controls DARPA Vader and the evil Sith lords of war. He does not have lightning bolts shooting out of his fingers – unless of course he uses one of his many DARPA inventions to do so.

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