Medical tyranny rears its ugly head. Keep that multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry rolling… or else. Immunization through vaccination has never been proven. The studies and data are flawed at best and criminal at worst. Our information re: the efficacy of vaccinations has always been supplied by the vaccine manufacturers themselves and the so-called watchdog agencies who share their bed. The CDC has very recently had computers seized and are under criminal investigation by the FBI for falsifying data and dangerously misleading the public. Hopefully, justice will be served for once, the criminals will end up behind bars and the truth will finally come out.

If injecting kids with poisonous mercury, formaldehyde, human fetal cells, MSG, live viruses and a host of other toxins actually immunized them from disease then there would be no reason to be concerned about the unvaccinated children contaminating the vaccinated ones. If vaccines work and your child is vaccinated then why are you worried he or she is at risk of catching disease from another child? Makes no sense and yet this is always the circular, nonsensical, fear-based argument put forth. I’ll never understand why this is so difficult to see.  Actually, I do understand. It’s called cognitive dissonance and is due to a lifetime of brainwashing from media, parents, teachers, doctors and government agencies.  ~Shep

Final notices have been sent out to 3,589 students in grades 11 and 12, warning they’ll be suspended from school starting Feb. 28 unless they prove they’ve had all their required vaccinations.

The suspensions could last as long as 20 days, part of the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit’s concerted campaign to ensure every child attending school is fully immunized. There are about 9,600 students in these two grades across the region, meaning more than one-third face missing classes.

“We really hope we can avoid suspending any student, but that’s what the (Immunization of School Pupils) act calls for us to do,” Judy Allen, manager of the health unit’s Health Schools program, said Wednesday.

Many of the students are already immunized but the health unit doesn’t have their updated records. It’s urging students and their parents to get the required shots and update the records before the Feb. 28 deadline.

What’s generally missing from these students’ records are two shots: a booster shot for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis that they usually get between the ages of 14 and 16; and the Menactra vaccine for four types of meningitis, which kids are supposed to get in Grade 7.
You can get the booster free from your family doctor. The health unit is providing the Menactra vaccine for free. If you go to your doctor for that shot, it may be more of a hassle. You’d have to get your doctor to write a prescription, get the prescription filled at a pharmacy, pay for it (it may be covered by your drug plan) and bring it back to your doctor for the shot, said Allen.

The health unit offers immunizations to school-aged children at its Windsor and Leamington offices. The shots are free and you don’t need a health card. Call 519-258-2146, ext. 1222, to set up an appointment.

The campaign started earlier this year when Grade 3 students were targeted. In the spring, 3,500 out of 4,300 kids born in 2008 didn’t have complete records. By the time the deadline arrived in late September, 200 Grade 3s ended up getting suspended. Once the suspensions happened, parents scrambled to get the required shots and updated records, and all were back to school in a matter of days.

The Grade 11 and 12 group is the second group targeted by the health unit. Initially, there were 8,218 who didn’t have records showing they were fully immunized. That number shrank to 5,606 when second notices were sent out. Now it’s down to 3,589.

The health unit says students have four ways to update their records:

  • Call the health unit’s healthy schools department at 519-258-2146, ext. 1222.
  • Fax your immunization record to 519-258-7288.
  • Input the information online at
  • And bring in the record in person to the health unit at 1005 Ouellette Ave., in Windsor, 360 Fairview Ave. W., Suite 215 in Essex, or 33 Princess St., in Leamington.

Students can apply to be exempted from being immunized by filling out a form that’s available from the health unit. There are two types of exemptions: for medical reasons such as a severe allergy or problems with the immune system; or for religious or philosophical reasons, which could include holding a firmly held conviction against immunization. The health unit doesn’t keep statistics on the number of “anti-vaxers” given exemptions but generally between one and two per cent of students get exemptions, according to Allen.

Allen said the next students targeted in the campaign will be four elementary school grades — probably primary grades. The first notices will likely go out in in March or April, with an early fall deadline for records to be updated.

By Brian Cross