It’s all a show, folks. Whatever buzzwords and triggering phrases the elites believe will work the sheeple into a frenzy are the buzzwords and phrases they will bombard us with. Their grip on power is slipping and the goal is to get it back by causing as much civil unrest as they possibly can.

Unfortunately, the low information masses with distorted world views who continue to rely on the corporate, mockingbird media for their “news” can be counted on to swallow it whole and be shamelessly manipulated by their controllers every time.  ~Shep

Democratic Party’s Minority Leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi was caught on a hot mic Monday night (01/30/2017) coaching one of her congressional colleagues to remind everyone that he is a Muslim. Democratic Party Rep. Andre Carson introduces himself, saying “greetings from the great state of Indiana.” Right after this, one can hear Pelosi saying in the background “Tell them you’re a Muslim, tell them you’re a Muslim.” Only after this reminder does Rep. Carson inform the crowd that he is indeed a Muslim.