by Alfred Webre | Exopolitics | Feb 6, 2017

It is a very strange title, for sure, but it underscores what we have been doing in our division of human beings.  Our thinking has been that shallow.

Women have made strangely shaped pink hats as an insult to someone now considered a tyrant and men in black masks have burned cars and used bats to break windows to stop someone who works with the “tyrant” from speaking.

Not far away, in Haiti, children are trafficked and experimented on with vaccines in secret UNICEF sites, their dead bodies shipped to Duke University for further study, after their organs are harvested.

Men are forced to mine gold at the point of a machine gun and if they resist or flag, they become organ “donors” as well.

The pink hats and the car burners seem not to know about these almost Dante’s Inferno horrors so close by.  No.  They are enraged by the word pussy, and by a ban on free entry of a small proportion of Muslims who come from countries that harbor terrorists.  They were, strangely not angry at someone without a penis who was responsible for their own families’ illnesses and deaths or at Obama murdering people in the very countries the tyrant wants to vet carefully.

It’s very odd, all of this.  No outrage toward someone who worked in the White House with the company unleashing a genetically altered food supply damages organs and can be  lethal to one’s own family , or over child trafficking, forced experiments, deaths and dismemberment, or over slavery that seizes people to work until death and then “organ seizure.”

The tyrant must be a tyrant because he has a penis and says pussy (start at about 5:00).

The one without a penis who uses words about caring must be good.

The tyrant, in only two weeks, has removed the threat of nuclear war by a simple friendly phone call to Putin (some call that peace-making), stopped the corporate TPP that threatened workers around the world, had the FBI raid the CDC so the true data on vaccines can be shared with families, appointed someone from the other party to head a national commission on vaccines, and banned instant entry to people from 7 countries where terrorists are being trained and have mingled with refugees, so there is time to vet them thoroughly.

Those actions are what?  Tyrannical?  A blessing?

We think we know things and act out of that “knowing” but do we know even the most basic things?  Women think that feminism today came from women.  As they sit knitting pink hats, would they be surprised to learn that  Gloria Steinem was working for the CIA and her job was to pull women away from their central role in stabilizing society, to destabilizing it.  She admitted she worked with the CIA.  Do black women know she helped destroy black men and  families?

Do women know the person without a penis who they value so highly was responsible for sending stinger missiles and sarin gas to ISIS in Syria so is responsible for the children killed there?

Do they know that person is responsible child trafficking and organ harvesting?  Do they know what that person without a penis has really been doing at all?

We are caring people who would do what we could to stop these abominations.  How have we not known about them?  Or about Steinem?  Or that the terrorists who the tyrant’s ban would stop, have been trained by the person without the penis and could be armed with missiles that can take down commercial aircraft?

How have we not known that the men in black masks and the violent protests are typical of a man who has overturned many countries by stirring up people through social media and then inserting paid men to commit violence at protests?  Or that he is a major funder of the person without a penis who women trust.  But the trust is based on what?  Words they’ve heard about caring for women and children?  Certainly it wouldn’t be actions such as training and arming terrorists or killing children in vaccine experiments and taking their organs.

So much outrage in media and anger in people and protests on the street.  How much is paid for?  And what is the goal?

What should American women be supporting?  How can they decide if their social media talks about the tyrant but doesn’t mention secret vaccine experiments on children, organ harvesting, terrorists being let into the country, and the destabilization of the US, organized by the person without a penis?

If they still support the person without a penis, shouldn’t women really be knitting purple hats?