My Thoughts:  Here is yet another international “adoption” agency (European Adoption Consultants) that was set up under the auspices of helping children in need when in reality they appear to be the ones kidnapping and/or exploiting them. We’ll have to wait to see how this unfolds but it is well past time such organizations were properly held to account for their crimes.

Haiti and other “disaster relief” zones, as well as war zones such as Syria and Ukraine, are hot beds for predatory crime syndicates that harvest human beings and their organs for profit. Children and young adults are literally being cut up and sold for parts to a Satanic class of elites who prey on the youth for their own life extension.

For an eye opening analysis of the human exploitation networks, such as the Clinton Foundation, operating in Haiti and elsewhere please see George Webb’s excellent Youtube series that connects many of the dots.  Episode 109 Part 1 summarizes earlier videos and is a good place to start.  ~Shep

Chris Tye | WKYC | Feb 14, 2017

Strongsville – The FBI has confirmed to Channel 3 News that they executed a raid on a Strongsville international adoption agency Tuesday morning.

Back in December the U.S. Department of State debarred European Adoption Consultants (EAC) from continued operation citing “a pattern of serious, willful, or grossly negligent failure to comply” with standards for international adoption.

On Tuesday the FBI raided their offices and the home of its founder – but they wouldn’t elaborate on the nature of the raid other than to say they were “executing a warrant.”

Among the allegations by the state department, the EAC “…failed to adequately supervise…preventing the sale, abduction, exploitation, or trafficking of children.”
And that they failed safety procedures that prevent “…solicitation of bribes; Fraudulently obtaining birth parent consent…” to get the children here.

The organization posted on their website in December: “Despite the fact that we disagree with many, if not most, of the statement and are considering the option of appeal, we still have to make a plan of transfer of all cases by the end of this month.”

The organization can no longer transact any adoptions, which, they indicate left several families in limbo.