This is a highly disturbing video recording that has been made available from a website calling itself, “World Corp.” It is possible to access the video directly from that website but I do not necessarily recommend it. I will not post it here. I’ve provided a one minute Youtube video directly below but it may not be long before Youtube removes it.

In the blurred out video a man is abusing a terrified child… yelling in a voice that many believe to be that of John Podesta. I agree it sounds like him.

I don’t like posting this sort of content but feel it is important for us all to get a better understanding of what is really going on in these Satanic, child trafficking circles.  Without the concerted efforts of an informed, outraged public I fear these horrific crimes may never stop.  ~Shep

A one minute video that includes both the voice of the abuser and the terrified child:


A voice analysis comparing the man’s voice from the video above to that of John Podesta:


An analysis video from Sheilaaliens. She provides links to further information below:

Published on Feb 15, 2017

Very disturbing videos of child abuse (visually-obscured but the audio is terrifying) were either found or leaked from this website: worldcorpo  .net

The videos being discussed are the ‘fatherhood.webm’ and ‘each.mp4’. Both videos show criminal child abuse taking place.

I’m not sure who leaked these to the Pizzagate research community but the videos and that site are cause for concern and authorities will be notified.

I inadvertently tracked down the possible OWNER of the sick website, who happens to be a well-know & LOATHED convicted pedophile who lives in Maine, named Robert Robinson.

Explanation of how worldcorpo is connected to Robert can be seen in this Prezi presentation:…
It’s very telling that he DELETED THE TWITTER ACCOUNT (SHITFREAK99) THAT CONNECTS HIM TO THE SITE after he found out that he was found out.

Personally I’m torn as to who’s voice it is. There are many circumstantial reasons why it wouldn’t seem that it would be Robert Robinson doing the screaming and yelling to the young boy, but I could be way off on that.

If you watch the “fatherhood.webm” video, listen for the other voice – there was at least one other person yelling for the abuser to STOP and to leave the child alone. I can’t tell what is happening in that video, if the kid is trapped in a room with fire or what but he is terrified.

This is a lot to explain to the average person, sorry because I know this isn’t the best job of it. Links:

R. Robinson’s Maine Sex Offender Registry

Learn, discuss, share Pizzagate research:

Podesta’s voice compared to the abuser’s voice in the video:… (No S at the end anymore!)