April 17, 2016

In this video, Geologist Ian Plimer dispels the science behind the Man made Global Warming conspiracy.

Talking at the Houses of Parliament in the U.K, Ian Plimer explains that the world has always experienced climate change and on a number of occasions it has actually affected the world a lot quicker than we are currently experiencing, even though Man was not an inhabitant of the Earth at the time. Sea levels rose by 1500 metres at times and not the few millimetres the scientists are telling us will have a devastating effect on countries.

He explains that the current rate of CO2 in the atmosphere is at an all time low and to further reduce CO2, could have a devastating effect on terrestrial plant life, after all it is the food of plants.

Near the end of the video he mentions the taxes that Governments are introducing and the amount of legislation that has been passed by his own Australian Government, all in the name of reducing the planet from warming by a further 0.7 Celsius.

Yeah, we’re being conned.