In this Livestream I cover the possible false flag shooting of House Whip Leader Steve Scalise. Scalise just gave a talk on his YouTube channel about ending child trafficking and was a major pro 2nd Amendment advocates, and of course is shot by what screams of a coordinated attack, and is rushed to the same hospital that Seth Rich may have possibly died at. Coincidences like this can’t be made up, this attack screams of a false flag coordinated by panicking DNC insiders to scare anyone away from exposing child trafficking and to bring forth more gun control legislation when we need less.

I cover and mirror a video by @SGTReport who interviews Liz Crokin on this situation. Their interview is what made me aware of Scalise’s stance on fighting child trafficking. The SGT Report video I mirrored and the Scalise Video links can be found below in the additional links section.

I also cover and in the edited version include a video done by Squatting Slav TV on the situation in Sweden. I mirror a video by him, hopefully he won’t hit me with copyright. Obviously the answer to this issue presented by Squatting Slav TV is to a) stop the zionist wars, and b) to arm the populace and train them on the use of firearms. Link to SSTV’s video below.

I also discuss the London Tower fire which seems like another false flag, and I analyze how this fire is further proof that WTC 7’s Collapse on 9/11 could not have happened by fires. The official story is bogus.

The timing of these events is extremely curious especially happening right after Bilderberg met. It seems right after they meet every year a major rash of false flags takes place. These events are always politicized by the banksters puppets to push agenda.

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