In this episode of “Crowdsource the Truth,”  John McCain and Lindsay Graham are revealed to own a weapons factory in Bulgaria where depleted uranium munitions and white phosphorous bombs are manufactured and then transported to Syria through established ratlines… all for profit. 

White phosphorous, also known as “white mischief,” is a chemical weapon that eats through human skin and flesh all the way to the bone, while depleted uranium is specifically used because it contaminates the environment with radiation that keeps on killing for many years to come.

This illegal weapons factory is a business venture involving two prominent United States senators… soulless human beings. However, their scurrilous activities are completely ignored (as always) while congress and special council work themselves into a frenzy over a fake Russia collusion scenario that was invented by the same criminal enterprise behind the illegal weaponry flooding into Syria and elsewhere.


Jason Goodman | Published July 13, 2017
Purple Shovels Deliver “White Mischief” Black Weapons to Bulgaria’s ISIS Depot

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