Did you know that when you were born, your birth certificate was used to set up a bank account at the Federal Reserve under your name? The account number is the same as your Social Security or Social Insurance number. Every time you provide your Social Security number on a legal document you are referencing this hidden bank account.

Your Treasury Direct Account was initially funded based upon your projected future earnings potential and, ever since, the money in all such accounts has been steadily growing through a myriad of monetary mechanics such as stocks and derivatives trading, etc. The stock markets are fully computerized and easily rigged. There is no such thing as a “free market” today. The bankers are able to manipulate the numbers behind the scenes however they see fit through collusion, price fixing, interest rate adjustments, inflation, printing money, buying and selling between themselves, outright fraud, etc.

Our Treasury Direct Accounts, that we were never meant to know about, are now worth many millions of dollars, if not more. They are held under YOUR NAME and can be accessed using YOUR Social Security or Social Insurance number (matches your TD Account number) along with the correct routing number associated with the particular central bank where your account resides.

The money in this account rightfully belongs to YOU.  It was collateralized with YOUR human energy and is held in YOUR NAME. But, THEY do not want you to know about it and have gone to great lengths to keep this information hidden all these years.

The banks control the court system too so you’re unlikely to find much help there. The courts have nothing to do with “justice” as our lifelong social conditioning would have us believe. They are private corporations that were put in place long ago by bankers to settle commerce disputes and to provide rulings that favour “just us.” All judges and lawyers work for the banks whether they know it or not. So do all police (policy enforcers). And politicians (obviously).

This is why you will never see one of THEM go to jail or face any punishment whatsoever under the current legal system, no matter how vile or obvious their crimes. It is THEIR system, built to protect THEM and THEIR assets. YOU are one of those assets, merely a commodity to be traded, bought and sold… or thrown into one of their many private, for-profit prisons for heinous acts such as growing medicinal plants or calling somebody “he” when he prefers to be called “she” or “zie” (yes, a new law in Canada has made political incorrectness a criminal offense, punishable by jail time and large fines).

Your life energy is literally being harvested and traded back and forth as currency between small groups of elite families who control the central banking system, a pyramid system intentionally set up to enslave us all through insurmountable debt, where all wealth is leached from the bottom layers to the top. The “elites” at the top seek to control every aspect of our lives and do all within their power to keep us paralyzed through fear and poverty, too busy fighting amongst ourselves and struggling to survive ever to pause, look up, and see who the real enemy is. 

But finally we DO see them. The curtain has been pulled and one of their main mechanisms for control has been exposed:  the Treasury Direct Accounts.

. . .

What I have written above represents my personal understanding after many hours of my own research. It is the tip of the iceberg. In no way am I suggesting that anybody should immediately run out and attempt to access his or her Treasury Direct Account. This knowledge may threaten the current power structure and there is a lot of risk involved, as you will see if you watch the video below. Those who currently rule our world are ruthless psychopaths and will go to any lengths to maintain their power and control.

What I AM saying is that these things are of utmost importance and we all should do our best to understand the true nature of our world if we hope to improve it. It is nothing like what we have been deceived to believe through our “education” system and the complicit media. Much research is necessary to even begin to acquire the knowledge, understanding and wisdom required if we ever hope to free ourselves from oppression and take control of own lives.

Here is as good a place to start the journey as any:



RTS.EARTH |Posted July 12, 2017
The first Unfuckers show to go public on this channel. Language warning…

To those that monitor these rooms for the perceived controllers…

To whom it may concern.

This is an open letter to the ground level individuals that are tasked to monitor and report to their “superiors” the goings on in rooms and discussions such as the ones found here. Please consider the message herein and how it will impact you, your family, your children and grandchildren, not to mention all the people that are currently considered disenfranchised.

The discussions of the Treasury Direct accounts as well as prior discussions and implementations of these concepts are not limited to our small group. They apply to you as well. Every man, woman and child on this planet are included in these implementations. Even you, who are actively working to block and delay the people’s access to their birthright have a right to a life free of unnecessary and overly restrictive controls.

By doing what you do to hinder our efforts to unlock this process, you are actually actively participating in harming the global population, ensuring that the manufactured system of lack, starvation, homelessness, war, greed, crime by necessity and rampant social inequality persist and grow. But ask yourself “For what?”. Do you or your children actually benefit from these things? What kind of life could you and your children have if your needs were met and you and they had the freedom to pursue the passions of the heart?

I, for one of many, have been chasing this dream for over 15 years and in that time I and the other researchers have found that what we first postulated as a mere concept and others labeled a pipe dream is in fact absolutely true and factual. We know the accounts exist. We now know how to access them for the benefit of all, you included.

Why would you be working to block this?

What would you do if you had total and unfettered access to essentially unlimited funds?

Would you go crazy and buy everything you can see? That is what the folks pulling your strings do and we can see where that got the World. Or would you put your efforts and visions into creating a world where everyone had what they needed and could pursue without financial restrictions their passions, talents and dreams?

Please consider the true effect of your acting on behalf of a small group of undeniably insane, criminally minded and emotionally deficient sociopaths. Do you really think that if this small group actually gets what it wants you are not going to be simply discarded once your usefulness is depleted? History shows that this is exactly what will happen.

So I put to you, please, Stop working for those that seek death, destruction, inequality, division and lack and put your efforts into generating a better system where all have the freedom to exist without fear or struggle.
If you chose not to assist us, that’s ok too. What you are doing is only making us stronger, showing the areas where we need more safeguards and helping us perfect our cleanup efforts. It is mathematically inevitable that we will succeed. By trying to block us, you are accomplishing only a slight delay, but more importantly, delaying your and your children’s access to the ability to live well.

All for the benefit of a few that really don’t care if you live or die.